Digital transformation “extends dreams”

“Digital transformation will be the key to helping Thai Nguyen realize many dreams, one dream following another,” said Secretary of the Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Hai.

Take the chance

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Thai Nguyen Nguyen Thanh Hai said that choosing the province’s Digital Transformation in the period of 2021 – 2025 is the indispensable key for socio-economic development in the direction of building e-government; implementation of the Digital Economy and Digital Citizen, in which, the goal is to take the satisfaction of people and businesses with online public services as a measure of the effectiveness of the government, reform administrative procedures. in the direction of “once declared, lifelong service”.

The locality that implements the implementation first, that locality will have many advantages. Digital transformation will be the key to helping Thai Nguyen realize many dreams, one dream after another“, said Ms. Hai.

Secretary of Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Hai: Digital transformation allows Thai Nguyen to “extend dreams”

Pioneering implementation, Thai Nguyen also “enjoyed” the support and help of the Ministry of Information and Communications, directly Minister Nguyen Manh Hung who supported the province in the first few days. When he talked about the issue of digital transformation, I boldly asked the Minister to support and care for the province” – Hai said.

Nearly 2 months after the meeting with the Minister of Information and Communications in 2020, Thai Nguyen has “realized” the resolution of digital transformation with the issuance of Resolution No. 01 and the Implementation Plan.

Changing perception

Before Minister Hung told the story of digital transformation, Thai Nguyen’s targets were still modest: the provision of level 4 public services served via the Internet created the premise for government building. electronic, towards digital government in the province will reach 35%; processing rate of electronic records reached over 65%…

Digital transformation “extends dreams”
Officials of Thai Nguyen Province’s Department of Information and Communications shared about the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC).

After 3 months, Thai Nguyen has raised this level to 100% of administrative procedures eligible for level 4 on the Online Public Service Portal. Information systems and shared digital platforms have been effectively developed and exploited, especially in the construction and operation of the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) of Thai Nguyen province.

However, the core issue is that once online public services have been built, users – specifically citizens and businesses – will apply, receive and use them or not.

Digital transformation “extends dreams”
C-ThaiNguyen, the application is bringing a lot of efficiency in digital transformation in Thai Nguyen

“I ask departments, branches and localities to compete with each other. I have a level 4 public service, but do people use it or not? The Provincial Party Committee requires localities to have plans and action plans to change people’s habits, such as free consultations. Once the boulevard is built, there is no use if there are no pedestrians. It’s a matter of perception.” Ms. Hai explained.

For example, when making birth certificates for children so far, people still have the habit of going to commune judicial officers with household registration and marriage registration; birth certificate …, even clamped the envelope for “new business”. This is something that needs to be changed from the habit, perception.

Records are sent to online, the receiving place will automatically mark the settlement deadline, after the deadline, the system will automatically remind the outstanding work, and so, the officer performing the task has “got” automatically evaluate the level of work completed or not at the end of the year. Thus, you can rest assured that your request will be resolved.

The role of a leader

Answering the question, changing the long-standing habits of the people and the staff themselves (especially at the commune level) in using digital transformation applications, the role of the head, namely the role of What will be the role of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Ms. Hai frankly: “Staff is the most important stage, the key of the key”.

Digital transformation “extends dreams”

“Staff is the most important stage, the key of the key. Anything that wants to be successful must have resources, both human and financial,” – Secretary of the Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee told VietNamNet.

Up to now, many people still mistakenly believe that digital transformation is the digitization of the entire operation process and implementation organization or equate digital transformation with technology transformation, digital transformation requires only technology… Many people Still wondering where to start with the question of where the organization and locality do digital transformation? And how to do the digital conversion?

“In order to successfully implement digital transformation, we must first start with our thinking and awareness” – Secretary Thai Nguyen draws lessons.

Digital transformation
Paperless meetings – a “new habit” is being formed in Thai Nguyen starting from the digital transformation revolution.

Digital transformation will not take place if each person as a leader does not “transform awareness”, change habits; change management thinking, organization of production and business to improve skills and digital capacity of officials, party members and people.

During meetings, I turn on my phone to demonstrate to attendees that I have the software installed. Comrades, if you can’t install it, someone will guide you. Must be strict, avoid creating opportunities to create the risk of harassment, abuse, negativity. Digital government helps limit contact with people at the time frame, especially administrative procedures. Ms. Hai shared.

Digital transformation “extends dreams”
People declare health on digital application at Tan Lap intersection – gateway of Thai Nguyen city

The introduction of the public administrative service center will certainly have an effect on some people. However, this will help reduce petty corruption. It can be said that digital transformation has created awareness of the whole political system, agencies must perform synchronously, remind and supervise each other.

“Thai Nguyen also has another advantage, that is, the provincial leadership team this term is very young, dynamic and creative, most of which are the 7X generation. Personally, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Trinh Viet Hung, when the Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution 01 on Digital Transformation, immediately asked the consulting agencies to develop an implementation plan and bring the resolution to life. The Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) is an example” – Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee was optimistic when referring to the most “key stage” in the digital transformation journey that Thai Nguyen is gradually building sustainably and determinedly. hit the target early.

Kien Trung – Trong Dat

How does Thai Nguyen prepare for the digital transformation revolution?

Lesson 4: What does Thai Nguyen prepare for the digital transformation revolution?

Director of Thai Nguyen Department of Information and Communications Do Xuan Hoa shared, Thai Nguyen has turned the Digital Transformation Resolution into an action program, a specific plan, a very strict, sure and methodical approach.

Convert numbers where

Lesson 3: Converting numbers in the “reverse” place

Sang Moc – the remotest and most remote commune of Vo Nhai district was selected as a focal commune to implement digital transformation with three key “pillars”: digital government, digital economy and digital society.

“Paperless conference” and quick results

Lesson 2: “Paperless conference” and quick results

The inherent habits of the “zero number” time have been changed and adapted to the new environment.

Digital transformation creates a

Lesson 1: Digital transformation creates a “technology shield” against epidemics in Thai Nguyen

9 months after Resolution No. 01 on the province’s Digital Transformation Program was issued, Thai Nguyen has achieved dual goals: Socio-economic development and staying safe during the epidemic.


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