Digital transformation creates ‘technology shield’ against epidemics in Thai Nguyen

Eight months after Resolution No. 01 on the province’s Digital Transformation Program was issued, Thai Nguyen has achieved dual goals: Socio-economic development and staying safe during the epidemic.

When the Prime Minister connects to the commune, ward

After an unscheduled inspection session on the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic through an online system that has just been set up from the office to more than 2,000 “bridgeheads” of communes and wards across the country the evening before, September 3, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh continued to move to the “safe zone” Thai Nguyen. Here, he had an online meeting with nearly 190 bridge points across the province.

Secretary of Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Hai reported to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh about the positive and breakthrough results in the local digital transformation at the bridge point of Dinh Hoa Ethnic Minority Boarding School (Yen Binh commune). Dinh Hoa district) on September 3, 2021. Photo: Portal of Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee

Until then, Thai Nguyen is one of the few provinces with double-digit positive cases (15 cases). The meeting place is located in the mountains – Dinh Hoa Ethnic Minority Boarding Secondary School (located in Yen Binh commune, Dinh Hoa district) – but the signal line connects smoothly. Anti-epidemic officers from communes, wards… in the most remote areas of the province, can attend and discuss directly with the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

This event is the result of 100% “coverage” of conferences with online format, paperless meeting rooms – a positive “sign” that is coming into order from the digital transformation in Thai Nguyen.

Despite being one of the few provinces across the country to keep the province’s green areas safe during the epidemic season, Thai Nguyen still rates itself at a high risk for the Covid-19 epidemic. Early on, with the campaign “Thai Nguyen Hong – united against epidemic”, Green Volunteer program “Digital applications – Safe anti-epidemic” was urgently launched. Programs are connected online to 135 bridge points at district and commune levels, starting to be implemented just 1 week after Hanoi has decided to social distance.

Online meetings go from the central or provincial headquarters to the commune and ward facilities, thus becoming the “new normal” of this mountainous province. To date, there have been about 130 such “trans-cyber” meetings. Thai Nguyen is hiring information technology services for 3 basic systems: Electronic portal; Dedicated data transmission network; Video conferencing ensures 3-level connectivity from province – district – commune and vice versa. The province has invested and set up an online system at the meeting rooms of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee; 9/9 districts and towns; 178/178 communes, wards and townships.

Early application, long safety

Proactively deploying and applying technological solutions to prevent epidemics is the spirit we determined early on.”, said Mr. Do Xuan Hoa, Director of the provincial Department of Information and Communications. The province especially emphasizes the importance of installing and using applications: Covid-19 vaccination portal, electronic health book, Bluzone – scan QR code for medical declaration, digital citizen software C -ThaiNguyen…

In just a short time, the indicators of realizing that determination have given clear results: The Bluezone proximity detection application has nearly 380,000 installations (accounting for nearly 30% of the total population; accounting for 40.5% of the total of nearly 1 million smartphones in use in the province). The whole province has deployed nearly 18,500 QRcode registration points for citizens to electronically declare and manage people entering and leaving the province with more than 717,000 scans; Electronic test management and result return platform; Covid-19 vaccination management platform; building an epidemiological map and a website about Covid-19…

Among the epidemic prevention technology applications, software to control vehicles from outside the province to Thai Nguyen must be mentioned. The whole province has set up 81 checkpoints to control the Covid-19 epidemic with nearly 1,200 people working alternately 24 hours a day.

Around the end of August and beginning of September, at the inter-sectoral control point for Covid-19 prevention and control at the intersections of highways in the province, there was a situation of vehicles traveling from places with outbreaks to high altitudes. speed, but the declaration is not truthful. As closing Pho Yen town, there are dozens of cases recorded every day.

The control software is installed on the smartphone of the task force with a separate account, the traffic police force at the checkpoints can check and detect any vehicle traveling from other provinces to cities. Thai Nguyen via the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway. The video camera system to control vehicles entering and exiting the province via the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway was directed to deploy urgently. On the basis of the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) located at the headquarters of the Provincial People’s Committee, the video camera located on the highway will record all vehicles going to Thai Nguyen from another location via the highway, storing it directly. with high speed, low latency at IOC’s server.

The command screen at the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) – a technology product of digital transformation of Thai Nguyen province. Photo: Trong Dat

The province has mobilized nearly 500 surveillance cameras at the checkpoints to manage drivers; cameras to monitor centralized isolation centers to manage quarantined people, of which nearly 400 cameras are connected and transmit data to the IOC to serve the direction and administration of Covid-19 prevention and control of provincial leaders and officials. Central surveillance camera connection system…

This system has many preeminent features, especially being able to accurately recognize the control plates of vehicles when moving at high speed. All data, after being processed automatically, intelligently analyzed with high speed, will be stored at IOC’s server. With the above database, functional forces can access from smart handheld devices such as tablets, smartphones, personal computers, etc. through C-ThaiNguyen application to exploit information. , compared with the vehicle to be controlled.

Major Pham Anh Diep, deputy leader of the inter-sectoral checkpoint management at Tan Long intersection, informed that the density of vehicles in and out of the province is from 13-15 thousand times per day, this solution is really useful for timely development. Currently, handling dishonest declarants when traveling from other localities to the province, especially from epidemic areas.

In a story with VietNamNet about the application of technology to prevent epidemics in localities, when asked “What impressed you the most?”, Mr. Do Lap Hien, permanent member of the Center for Technology for Covid-19 Disease Prevention and Control country (located at the Ministry of Information and Communications) said: “Perhaps the most impressive is… not impressed at all about the epidemic”. Because in safe places, good epidemic prevention or control, technology has silently performed many “shield” functions.

Results from the Early Digital Transformation Resolution, the first digital transformation date

With a “technology shield” against the epidemic, Thai Nguyen has protected the “safe green region” during the beginning of the epidemic season, maintaining production activities and stabilizing social life in the new situation. For those working in the industry, Thai Nguyen’s result is not a temporary technology application, but a result of early digital transformation.

The last day of 2020 has become a milestone for the province, when it issued Resolution No. 01 on the Digital Transformation Program for the period of 2021 – 2025 with a vision to 2030. This is also the first province to have a Digital Transformation Day.

After 8 months of implementation, Thai Nguyen has achieved dual goals: Socio-economic development and maintaining a safe green area during the epidemic. In the long term, the province has set a target that by 2025, it will be in the group of 15 leading provinces and cities nationwide in digital transformation, creating a premise by 2030 to be in the group of 10 leading provinces/cities nationwide in digital transformation.

Kien Trung – Trong Dat

IOC Smart Operations Center: 'digital brain' to fight Covid-19

IOC Smart Operations Center: ‘Digital brain’ to fight Covid-19

Updating and visually analyzing data on the epidemic situation, the camera system to help closely control each area in detail, etc., the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) is the “digital brain” that provides effective support. epidemic prevention and control activities in many localities.


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