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The fear of going to the doctor during Covid-19 increases the number of emergency cases related to digestion, so patients need to be aware of dangerous signs of abdominal pain and need to go to the doctor right away, even if they are at a distance.

From the beginning of the period until now, the Center for Endoscopy – Gastrointestinal Surgery, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, has received emergency care for many dangerous surgical cases. Because of their subjectivity and fear of disease, patients do not go to the doctor but self-treat at home. TS.BS Do Minh Hung warned, this is dangerous because some digestive diseases need surgery as soon as possible, if delayed can cause many life-threatening complications.

Recently, Tam Anh General Hospital received a 39-year-old female patient, who sometimes had bowel disorders but thought her illness was mild and did not go to the doctor. After that, the patient noticed more abdominal pain, sometimes cramping and then gone. However, the frequency of the pain repeats more often, the pain increases, the abdomen is distended. When she could not defecate, could not defecate, she went to the hospital for examination. Here, the CT scan results showed that the patient had a bowel obstruction due to a colon tumor. Doctors also perform endoscopy, biopsy for cancer diagnosis.

Her situation was serious, her bowel obstruction did not improve after drug treatment, so laparoscopic surgery was not possible. The surgical team, led by Dr. BS Do Minh Hung, performed open surgery to remove the left colon, remove lymph nodes, and transferred to the Oncology department to coordinate chemotherapy.

Another case is a male patient, with dull pain around the navel for 2 days but did not go to the doctor but bought digestive enzymes to drink. The patient then developed more fever, pain in the right iliac fossa and increasing pain severity, higher fever, nausea, pain all over the abdomen. At this time, he just went to the Center for Endoscopy – Gastrointestinal Surgery for examination and discovered that he had generalized peritonitis due to ruptured appendicitis.

TS.BS Do Minh Hung and doctors in an endoscopic surgery with a mechanical hand-held robot instrument combined with a 3D 4K endoscope system at Tam Anh General Hospital.

Recently, the center also received and performed emergency surgery many cases of biliary peritonitis, appendicitis peritonitis late to the hospital for fear of being infected with Covid-19. Most cases when they come to the hospital are in a state of severe abdominal pain, to delay an extra day, the risk of infection is very high.

Symptoms that require immediate medical attention

According to Dr. Minh Hung, abdominal pain is the first manifestation to appear, very common in some emergency surgical diseases such as biliary peritonitis, appendicitis peritonitis, perforated hollow viscera, intestinal obstruction. Patients should be taken to the emergency room immediately if: severe abdominal pain, hard abdomen, usually pain mainly in the right iliac fossa, or pain in the epigastrium, around the navel or spreading to the entire abdomen, double dull pain when the pain is intermittent; accompanied by the following symptoms: nausea and vomiting; high fever; fatigue, sweating, cold limbs; bowel disturbances, unable to pass gas, unable to defecate, abdominal distension.

Explaining the need to go to the emergency room immediately, Dr. Hung said that diseases such as appendicitis peritonitis or biliary peritonitis only need early surgery to be definitively treated. However, cases of late arrival to the hospital without timely intervention will have a high risk of complications such as septic shock, septic shock, peritonitis or even death.

Endoscopy service at Center for Endoscopy & Gastrointestinal Surgery is still operating during the quarantine period.

Endoscopy service at Center for Endoscopy & Gastrointestinal Surgery is still operating during the quarantine period.

In addition to abdominal pain, bowel disorders are also a symptom that many patients often subjectively ignore. In fact, persistent bowel disorders are more likely to be a sign of gastrointestinal cancer, which is usually at an advanced stage, since early gastrointestinal cancers most often have no specific symptoms. Therefore, if the body appears to have bowel disorders such as blood in the stool, change in time, change in the number of bowel movements, etc., please contact your doctor immediately for timely advice.

According to Dr. Hung, restricting travel during the epidemic period is essential, but we also need to know which cases need a doctor’s examination as soon as possible to limit harmful complications to health. . Currently, the hospital performs screening tests for all patients before entering the clinic. Most healthcare workers are vaccinated against Covid-19 with two doses to limit the risk of infection. Therefore, people should not be too worried when going to the doctor, just need to strictly follow the regulations on distance and wear masks properly.

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(Photo: Hospital Tam Anh General Hospital)


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