Died after eating Ban Cat worm

Nghe AnA few hours after eating a dish made from Ban Cat worms, a 64-year-old woman in Luu Son commune, Do Luong district, died.

According to the leader of Luu Son commune, having lunch with this family’s family was a 50-year-old man who came to build the gate. After eating, the hostess and guest showed signs of poisoning, were taken to a local medical facility for first aid and then transferred to Nghe An General Friendship Hospital. The woman died later, the male patient was sober being treated at the poison control department.

The hospital representative said that two patients were poisoned by eating Ban Cat worms. According to the family, the meal was eaten by many people, but only the two of them ate the Ban Cat worm.

Cat worm scientific name Cantharis vesicatoria, also known as dung beetle, banhuong, ban Mao. This is a beetle with beetle-like wings, blue-green color, about 15-20 mm long, 4-6 mm wide, heart-shaped head, longitudinal groove in the middle, filamentous black antennae. The deep body has 11 segments, between the head and the body there is a constriction. The upper black wings have yellow or light red dots; or yellow body with black horizontal spots or bands.

The cases of worm poisoning are very serious. Most of the patients with this worm poisoning are through the gastrointestinal tract (by eating or drinking), with multi-organ damage, multi-organ failure, respiratory failure, low blood pressure, and a mortality rate of more than 50%.

The doctor recommends not catching Ban Cat worms to prevent poisoning, absolutely do not eat Ban Cat worms. If you come into contact with cat worms and get poison that causes burning, red blisters on your skin or eyes, you need to wash the burned area with clean water, blink continuously, then go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

Cat worm.

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