“Die can wait”: James Bond directly on a streaming platform?

The last James Bond, To die can wait can he really wait until the end of the current pandemic and a return to normal in theaters? According to Variety , several streaming services are studying the possibility of acquiring it. Expected in November 2020, the last feature film by Daniel Craig in the skin of the famous British spy was postponed once again in April 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Heralded as a savior of movie theaters, To die can wait and its postponement ultimately plunged the film industry into doubt, bringing in its wake many other works such as Dune. Beyond a certain annoyance for the fans, these postponements are synonymous with heavy financial losses for MGM. The studio behind the film is said to have lost between $ 30 million and $ 50 million since the first abortive release.

In order to limit the losses, other studios have found the solution by selling their feature films to streaming services. Sony has, for example, sold USS Greyhound: Battle of the Atlantic to Amazon Prime Video, the same for Paramount and its films Coming 2 America and Without Remorse. Disney has chosen to abandon the theatrical release of several of its 2020 blockbusters, such as Mulan and Soul in particular, to stream them on its Disney + platform. A strategy strongly rejected by MGM according to a spokesperson: “The film is not for sale. The output of To die can wait has been postponed to April 2021 in order to preserve the cinema experience of the spectators“.

Yet still according to Variety , MGM would still be open to the possibility of releasing its blockbuster for a sum of around $ 600 million. The amount, considered astronomical, would continue to scare Netflix, Amazon, Apple and others. In addition to the price, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, in charge of the franchise, also have their say, as does Universal Pictures, which holds the distribution rights abroad.

Other questions, partnerships. To die can wait cost more than $ 250 million to produce and its collaborations with many brands including Land Rover and Heineken helped cover some costs. But the impact of a theatrical release is not the same as a release on a streaming platform and this difference can also tip the scales. If everyone wants James Bond skin, you have to pay the price.


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