“Didier, get out of Africa! “: Patrice Evra denounces racism in French football

” It’s a shame “. In a video posted on his Instagram account, the former defender of the Blues rose up against the comments made by Noël Le Graët, the boss of the French Football Federation (FFF). Interviewed by the BFM Business channel on September 15, he felt that racism in sport and in football in particular “Did not exist, or little”.

See selected excerpts:

“In a match, there can be gaps. But we are less than 1% difficulty. When a black scores a goal, the whole stadium is standing. The racist phenomenon in sport, and in football in particular, does not exist or hardly exists ”, he declared on RMC, a few days after the controversy over the racist insults held against Neymar during the last classico. Le Graët cropped by Maracineanu after its release on homophobia

“Boxes full of poo”

Le Graët, already at the heart of criticism for opposing the stopping of matches in the event of racist cries, would no longer have his place at the head of the federation, believes Patrice Evra. The former player did not hesitate to give examples of the ordinary racism he has faced.

“Racism is a virus”, by Dany Laferrière

He notably referred to racist letters received at Clairefontaine (“Didier, take back your monkeys and go back to Africa”) as well as “Boxes full of poo”.

Racist protocols?

Very reassured, Patrice Evra also returned to the protocols to be respected when important personalities, especially political figures, come to Clairefontaine.

“We still have places allocated when we eat. We’re used to hanging out next to this guy, because we have a good relationship. And every time the president came, or politicians, everything changed. Where there was normally Mamadou Sakho or Bacary Sagna, a lot of sombritude, it was necessary to change. There, we put a Hugo Lloris and a Laurent Koscielny and the president in the middle. But we knew, it was the rules of the game, we are in France, we are not at home. When there was a photo of the president, it was better to see a Hugo Lloris and a Laurent Koscielny next to him, than a Mamadou Sakho or a Bacary Sagna ”, tackled Patrice Évra.Why the issue of homophobia in stadiums has turned into a dialogue of the deaf

Patrice Evra concluded by advising against the players currently selected in the jersey of the Blues to share his video, and by regretting that Noël Le Graët is still at the head of the federation: “With heads like that, we’re not going to get very far. “

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