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Did US soldiers leave behind dozens of dogs at Kabul airport? Learn the Pentagon’s answer

Dogs Left At Kabul Airport: American troops made a complete withdrawal from the soil of Afghanistan on Monday. They left Kabul airport before the pre-determined deadline of August 31. Meanwhile, reports are rife with claims that US troops have left dozens of dogs waiting to be killed before leaving Kabul airport.

The Pentagon called those reports “false” and said the US military did not release any dogs at the airport. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby tweeted that the pictures and videos going viral on social media are not of the military.

The report came to light after a picture of dogs inside cages in front of a helicopter went viral on social media. The Pentagon claimed that the dogs were not of the US military. John Kirby said that those dogs were kept in the custody of Kabul Small Animal Rescue.

Kirby said: “To correct misreports, the US military did not release any dogs, including military working dogs, in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport. Images circulated online Kabul Small Animal Rescue We were the animals under our care, not the dogs we looked after.”

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