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Did the corona virus leak from China’s lab? After the WHO report, China gave this answer

Lab Leak Theory On Corona: China on Friday attacked the theory of possible leak of Corona virus from a lab in Wuhan city, saying that the allegation is politically motivated. China has made this statement after the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO), which states that a more thorough investigation is needed to hold the virus responsible for the epidemic from leaking from the lab.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also dismissed allegations that China was not fully cooperating with investigators. He said China welcomes science-based investigations, but rejects political manipulation.

China is suspected because

Actually, when the corona virus epidemic started and it started causing havoc all over the world, then everyone’s eyes were on China. The outbreak of Corona virus, which started from China, was least seen on China among the big countries. The corona virus started in China in November 2019. Even after about two and a half years, only 2 lakh, 26 thousand 580 infected have been found in China and 5 thousand, 226 people have died. Whereas in other countries of the world lakhs of people have lost their lives due to this epidemic.

Special group formed for investigation

Everyone has doubts about China’s intentions about the way China was avoiding a major infection due to the virus that started from China. Based on this suspicion, a demand was made from the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate it. The WHO formed a special group to find out the origin of the Kovid-19 epidemic spread due to the corona virus. Now this particular group says that more study is needed in this regard. The group says that the theory of the virus leaking from China’s lab should be studied in more detail.

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