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Did the corona virus come from China, Biden asked the intelligence department to find out within 90 days

Two days ago, America’s chief virus expert Anthony Fauci said that we are not ready to believe that corona virus has not been prepared by humans. Now US President Joe Biden has given clear instructions to the US Intelligence Department to find out where or how the corona virus has originated within 90 days. He said in his order that the intelligence department should detect within 90 days whether the corona virus was intentionally spread by China or inadvertently originated in China’s laboratory. & Nbsp;

Do double the hard work Intelligence Department
In his statement, Biden has said that the Intelligence Department will have to work twice again to collect information and assess it. He said that we should get this report within 90 days. & nbsp; There is not enough evidence to come to a conclusion on the question of whether the corona spread to humans by contact with an infected animal or was made in a laboratory. The President appealed to China to cooperate in the international investigation. He also asked American laboratories to cooperate in the investigation.  

America will pressurize China with allies
Joe Biden said that the US, along with like-minded allies around the world, will conduct a holistic, transparent, evidence-based international investigation and relevant data on China. And will pressurize to present evidence. & nbsp; However, he also raised the possibility that the Chinese government’s refusal to provide full cooperation could never lead to a conclusion. US Health Minister Javier Becerra has also urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that the next phase of the investigation into the genesis of Kovid-19 should be more transparent and science-based. The two leaders have investigated the investigation amid reports that the virus is suspected to have originated from a Chinese laboratory.

Claims of infection before epidemic in China & nbsp;
Just a few days ago America’s & lsquo; Wall Street Journal & rsquo; A report was published in The report said that in November 2019, a few weeks before the epidemic was revealed, three researchers from the Wuhan Virology Laboratory asked to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. It also said that in April 2012, six miners had fallen ill after going to a mine with a mysterious disease like Corona. The mine is located outside a village in the mountains of southwest China. It was investigated by the top researchers of WIV.  


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