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Did North Korean freak dictator Kim Jong get his wife missing? This theory is coming to the fore

Did North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un make his wife Ri Sol Joo disappear? This question is arising because she has not been seen for a year. It is being said that Kim Jong has made his wife missing. With this, many more theories are coming out. The reason is that whenever there was a big event in North Korea, she used to reach out to the public with her husband Kim Jong Un on every special occasion. But for the last 12 months, do not know where he is missing. In such a situation, the question arises why the public has not been seen with his wife Ri Sol Joo for the last 12 months – freak dictator Kim Jong Un?

Kim Jong’s wife has been missing for a year

The disappearance of North Korea’s First Lady Ri Sol Joo for the last 12 months has raised many questions in front of people. Various stories are coming out these days about the First Lady of North Korea, ie dictator Kim Jong Un. And every story is putting Kim Jong in the dock. It is being said that the people of North Korea last saw Kim’s wife last year. That date was – 25 January 2020. And the opportunity was – North Korea lunar New Year celebration.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un arrived with his wife Ri Sol Joo on 25 January 2020. Kim Jong and Ri Sol Joo attended the Lunar New Year celebration together that day. Along with Kim Jong, his wife was also seen cheering people with applause. But the people present in that celebration had no idea that after that day those people would never be able to meet the First Lady for a long time. Nobody knew that people would also crave to get a glimpse of First Lady Ri Sol Joo. Nobody knew that Ri Sol Joo’s disappearance would become the biggest puzzle for the whole of North Korea. And because of his missing wife, questions will come in the face of the dreaded dictator Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong’s needle of suspicion
Kim Jong and his wife as well as Kim’s aunt are seen in this video of 25 January 2020. According to media reports, Kim had killed her uncle a few years ago, so everyone was surprised to see her aunt with her in Lunar New Year Celebration.

But people were even more surprised when Kim Jong’s royal palace started getting shocking news about his wife. According to media reports, a few months ago, such reports started coming in that his wife had suddenly gone missing. These news got a boost when Kim Jong was never seen in front of the camera with his wife after Lunar New Year Celebration – nor did he come to any event with his wife.

Actually, after the New Year Celebration of January 2020, two or three big events have taken place in North Korea. One such program took place in October 2020. The opportunity was – of military parade. The military parade was held in North Korea, amid the threat of Corona. Tank during that parade. Missile and armored vehicles were seen on the streets. North Korea made the whole world realize its military strength. Thousands of people attended the military parade. But dictator Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Joo was not present in that parade? The question is, where was the person missing during that parade – North Korea’s First Lady.

North Korea once again demonstrated its military strength after the meeting of North Korea’s Central Committee. Another special thing was that Kim Jong was accepted as the most powerful leader of North Korea in the Congress ie Central Committee meeting. It was obviously a historic moment for Kim Jong’s family, but Kim’s wife Ri Sol Joo did not become a witness to that historical. The question is the same again – where was it then at the time – North Korea’s First Lady.

Kim was seen with wife at every event

It is said about North Korea’s First Lady Ri Sol Joo that she is not allowed to go anywhere of her own accord. Even their official trips alone are negligible. She is always seen with husband Kim Jong Un. Where will Re Soul go and where not? This is also decided beforehand.

After the news of the disappearance of North Korea’s First Lady, many speculations are being made in the international media. The biggest claim in media reports is that dictator Kim Jong has made his wife Ri Sol Joo himself disappear. Some people have even feared that the merciless dictator may not have killed his wife like his brother, uncle and uncle. However, no such picture has been revealed yet – so that the story of wife’s murder can be confirmed. Also, no such story has come to the fore to make it clear that Kim was angry with his wife… and if he was upset… then why?

In the midst of all the speculations being made about Kim’s wife, a story is also being told that Kim’s wife had become ill … that’s why she is not venturing out. At the same time, some people believe that Kim Jong’s aunt Kim Kyung Hui is doing very poorly — and the care of the aunt is taken care of by Kim’s wife Ri Sol Joo. Along with taking care of her aunt, Kim’s wife is also focusing on her daughter’s studies – that’s why she stays away from all the big and small programs.

Obviously the stories are many but the full truth of all the stories is yet to be revealed and the day the truth will come out – only then will it be known that Kim Jong’s wife is alive – or that she has become the victim of some conspiracy of the dictator.

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