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After the first 5 days of struggling, Thuy Dung’s family (Hanoi) gradually recovered by keeping an optimistic spirit and eating scientifically.

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On February 14, after the first spring trip of the year, the 9-year-old eldest son, named Hip, showed signs of coughing. Hip stayed at home all day with his mother with no problem, but in the evening he started to have a fever of 38.5 degrees. I gave him a fever reducer and my husband rushed to buy a saliva test for the father and son. Very quickly, the test strip shows two lines.

Realizing that Covid-19 had passed, the whole family began to isolate each other in 2 rooms. Me and my second son, more than 4 years old, named Fat, temporarily have no problems together. Husband and big baby – Hip in the same room. The first night of fever due to infection, Hips vomited a lot. The father and son coughed.

Day One: Covid-19 greets Hip-Fat family

The next morning, to make sure Dad took Hip to the hospital for PCR testing, in the afternoon, the PCR result was positive, the CT concentration was quite low. Before that, the whole family still hoped, the quick test strip gave wrong results.

The Hip Brothers – Fat plays a game when they both have Covid-19.

Second day: Fever to 40 degrees

The whole day, Hips had a fever of 40 degrees, drinking to reduce the fever, sober up a bit. I cooked thin porridge for my son to eat, but he kept vomiting. I have headaches, body aches, moody face, fatigue.

When notifying relatives and colleagues, family and neighbors, the whole family is allowed to borrow an SpO2 meter because it has not been prepared, cough lozenges, alcohol disinfectant; test strips, throat spray, Covid-19 medicine. Neighbors constantly put lemongrass, ginger, lemon, smoked leaves, food at the door for Hips. Everyone who knows the news is asking questions and concerns. At this time, I can see that everyone’s care and concern makes everyone’s family warm.

Me and Mo also had a quick test right after that, fortunately both mother and daughter were negative but couldn’t keep Me in place. I often run to my brother and dad’s room, longing to play with him, to be held and cuddled by my father because the two of us are very attached to each other every day.

That night, I didn’t sleep well because I was afraid that father and son would have a fever and would not be able to notice each other. In the middle of the night, I got up, put on a mask to check, both father and son’s foreheads were cool. The symptoms of Hip are quite severe and intense, and there are also bleeding spots under the skin, so I am very worried, tossing and turning, having difficulty sleeping. This second night, I started coughing, my body chilled, lying in a warm air-conditioned room but still freezing.

Day 3: Mom got Covid-19

In the morning, I tested but it was negative, in the afternoon the test went up two lines. I lay tired for a day, people hurt, when I got up, I was dizzy. My husband quickly urged me to take the medicine. Now only Me at home is still negative.

Medicines - the heirloom of the Hip family - Fat when infected with nCoV.

Medicines – “heirs” of the Hip family – Fat when infected with nCoV.

Day 4: The last person in the house infected with nCoV

I feel much better, I wake up with a headache in the morning, but the pain reliever is gone. I continue to drink electrolytes, Saffron, resistance boosters.

Fat was still young, did not understand how to change, when he saw that he was more concerned, “screamed” that he wanted to have Covid-19, and liked fever. That’s it, Fat tested up 2 lines. I started to have a high fever, all over 39 degrees, but when I cut the fever, I played and played as usual. I can also drink Russian resistance-boosting drugs. When my son tested up to 2 lines, I gave him 7 pills a day. The first 4 pills are spaced 30 minutes apart, and the last 3 pills are 2 hours apart. The following days maintain 3 tablets a day until well.

All day, the Hip – Fat family lives in an atmosphere of joy and excitement, the festival takes off masks, eats meals together, and hugs each other comfortably. Hips can go out and walk, while Mo is hugged by his father. Quick test 2 bars have faded. Hip House – Anti-epidemic grease in an optimistic direction, so everything is light.

Days 5, 6 and 7: The whole Hip – Fat family gradually recovers

The last member infected with Covid-19 cut the fever, played with and demanded to eat loudly, ate 3 or 4 pieces of fried chicken wings, still had a craving, refused to drink electrolytes but drank Saffron. Mr. Hip also started studying online. Parents’ work is not affected. The whole family actively provides vitamins through food as well as supplements, practice breathing together every day and keep an optimistic and joyful spirit.

The whole family actively increases resistance by providing adequate vitamins for the body through food and supplements.

The whole family actively increases resistance by providing adequate vitamins for the body through food and supplements.

Day 8: The first member tested negative

The husband – a member who actively reminded his wife and children to eat at the right meal, sleep on time, take medicine at the right time and ask the family to constantly pick their nose, exercise and practice breathing, nasal and throat inhalation… was negative after 8 days. As for the mother and daughter testing, the second line was very faint and took a long time to reach the line. The whole family is still actively eating and drinking to wait for the day to reintegrate into the community.

Day 9: My parents are negative

Finally, parents and children also waited until this day, all three rapid tests were negative. To be sure, the whole family tested PCR and got the same results.

Currently, the members’ health is stable. Since knowing that she was infected with nCoV, the whole family has kept an optimistic spirit, “fighting” until the end, both when tired and when awake. The Hip-Fat family hopes everyone is optimistic and always awake and wise during the treatment process.

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