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Ho Chi Minh CityInfected with Covid-19 but is breastfeeding, Nguyen Huong does not use any medicine, only gargles, rinses her nose, drinks a lot of warm water and fruits.

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I am 28 years old and have had two doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine. I started showing symptoms of infection on November 3, 2021, starting with a runny nose. That night, I applied cajeput oil around my nose and massaged it so I felt more comfortable. The next day (November 4, 2021), I still had a runny nose, at first I just thought it was a cold because the day before, I went to the sun to return without drying my sweat and took a quick shower. Because I thought I had a cold, I steamed my nose every day with lemon, lemongrass, ginger, crushed garlic, and added a few drops of cajeput oil.

On November 5, one-year-old daughter had a fever and a runny nose. I thought he caught a cold from me, so I just put cajeput oil on his collar, but he struggled because he had trouble breathing. I smelled the collar of her shirt and did not see anything, so I guessed that she had trouble sleeping, but I didn’t think I had lost my sense of smell.

Ms. Nguyen Huong took a quick test and received a positive result. Photo: NVCC

On November 7, when I realized that I couldn’t smell anything anymore, I started testing for Covid-19 and found it positive, and my daughter was also infected from her mother. I continue to maintain steam 2 times a day, drink a lot of warm water, fruit and do not use any medicine because I am breastfeeding.

Steam: Lemon, lemongrass, ginger, crushed garlic and a few drops of cajeput oil. Only face, not body. Before the sauna, I drink a glass of warm water; After steaming, drink a glass of warm water to avoid dry throat. During the inhalation, I inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth, then inhale through my mouth and exhale through my nose.
– I drink a lot of warm water, eat hot food, fruit. You can crush garlic and drink it with honey and warm water or crushed garlic for 10 minutes and then slowly swallow it down your throat to disinfect.
– I make my own salt water gargle, slightly saltier than the salt water bought from the drugstore, used 2 times a day.

On November 8, I smelled the smell again.

On 9/11, I tested negative.

Besides me, my mother (50 years old) and daughter (one year old) also tested positive. My mother got a shot of the Astrazeneca vaccine. Symptoms are cough and sore throat, no fever. I crushed garlic for my mother to wash her nose and gargle. People with thin nasal mucosa should not wash with garlic to avoid stinging or should only dilute with warm water and wash their nose twice a day. I also give my mother Tyrotab tablets and inhale them twice a day, giving lots of garlic. A day later, my mother’s cough subsided, only a sore throat remained. My mother continued to steam, wash her nose, gargle, and suck on Tyrotab tablets.

My daughter just had a fever of about 37.5 degrees and a runny nose. Because the baby is still small, I do not give him medicine, nor do I arbitrarily inhale or wash his nose with garlic like an adult. I only use physiological saline nasal drops for my baby 4-5 times a day, give her a lot of warm water, breastfeed and supplement with fruit. In addition, children can eat thin porridge with lots of green onions, perilla or beef porridge with garlic. Mothers should divide them into many small meals because sick babies easily vomit and let them exercise in the house. Like my baby, I just learned to climb stairs, crawl, walk in the room.

After becoming F0 and recovering from illness, I found psychology very important. Everyone when tested positive must be very calm to treat the symptoms. Houses should be well ventilated, cleaned regularly, windows open; Toilets also need to be clean.

In my opinion, “prevention is better than cure”, so if you haven’t had Covid-19, you should drink a glass of lemon and honey in the morning to help strengthen your resistance, you can steam your face 1-2 times a week. times and need to gargle with salt water twice a day.

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