Diabetes – a complication that can kill the baby in the womb

HanoiThe 39-year-old woman was 34 weeks pregnant, the fetus kicked a little, then lost the fetal heart, the doctor diagnosed the mother with diabetes.

On October 5, Dr. Phan Chi Thanh, Department of Examination, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said that the patient had gestational diabetes, but subjectively, the weight increased uncontrollably. She is a chef but eats erratically, often eats in one meal, likes snacks and a lot of sugar. The doctor diagnosed a large fetus, but she thought that a large fetus means that the baby is developing well.

“The patient was repeatedly warned by the doctor about the blood sugar index, the large fetus could be caused by the mother having gestational diabetes, but still subjective, eating and drinking uncontrollably,” said Dr. Thanh. This time losing a baby, the doctor diagnosed that the mother had turned into type 2 diabetes, not in the gestational diabetes stage anymore, difficult to continue pregnancy. However, the patient still wishes to have a baby, the doctor asked to lose weight before making the pregnancy safe.

In one month, the patient dropped from 70 kg to about 60 kg, then became pregnant naturally. However, pregnant women with type 2 diabetes with blood sugar disorders, old age make pregnancy difficult. Patients must adhere to a nutritious diet, divide meals into 6 to 7 meals, mainly eat green vegetables, fruits, and limit starch and fat. At the beginning of October, she gave birth to a baby girl weighing 3.8 kg, with stable health.

If diabetes is not detected and treated early, it will lead to dangerous complications for pregnant women such as high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, premature birth, difficult delivery, and increased risk of trauma. and postpartum hemorrhage. The rate of cesarean section is higher for pregnant women with diabetes and the risks of surgery are also increased. Many babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes experience functional disorders related to neurological development, breathing, circulation, even malformations, stillbirth in the womb.

Risk factors for gestational diabetes include a family history of diabetes, a pregnant woman over 40 years of age, obesity (BMI over 25), having given birth to a baby 4 kg or more. “Like the patient above who gave birth for the first time with a weight of 4.8 kg,” the doctor said.

Pregnant women need to monitor and check their pregnancy on schedule, test to detect abnormalities of themselves and the fetus for early treatment, to avoid unfortunate consequences.

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