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Dhoom video of robots dancing in New Year’s welcome, watch video

A video of robots dancing on social media has emerged. This video is from Boston Dynamics’s robots. In this, the robots are dancing to the song ‘Do You Love Me’. It has been built to welcome the year 2021. It went viral after appearing on social media and has received more than 15 million views. This dancing video is part of celebrating engineering achievements that have been filmed on four robots.

After watching this video, most of the users were surprised and also praised the amazing dance talent of the robots. Along with this, he appreciated the efforts of the engineers to make this possible.

In the video, two humanoids of the company named Atlas close their routine work with some strange moves. Then another robot named Handel is involved in some knockout moves in the video. This video is about 3 minutes.

Tesla CEO Musk also shares

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also shared the video online saying, “This is not CGI”. He also posted another screenshot of the video linking later. After watching this video, users are giving their responses in different ways.

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