Detox. Large companies and banks were not aware in advance of a re-containment

The rumor has been going around for several weeks, but gained momentum through a journalist. In a tweet posted on October 17, Christine Kelly, host on CNews, wonders: ” Why, in order to prepare, internal emails to large companies announce a lockdown on October 26? Preparation? Is the curfew just a prelude?

The message, which implies that the big bosses are aware of things hidden from the rest of the French, is shared by nearly 4,000 people, and gives rise to several celebrity press articles, which headline, on the basis of this single tweet , on a ” possible re-containment at the end of October “. The journalist gives no source and did not respond to Désintox. But internet users tell him that they too have been aware of these famous internal emails..

Contacted by Désintox, they actually refer to unreliable screenshots. Since the mails are supposed to come from Peugeot and Suez when these companies have been called PSA and Engie for years. In addition, both deny having sent the emails or any prior exchange with the government on this subject.

This is actually just the latest version of rumors that have been circulating since the fall. October 12 on the set of Balance your post, a restaurateur had notably launched to an LREM deputy: ” Two days ago, you received the bosses of the banks and you told them that you were going to re-define. You know that we are going to refine in October! “. Here again, the Banking Federation denies any exchange with Bercy. If it is impossible to prejudge, for the time being, a future government decision concerning a new confinement, it is just as impossible to give credit to the rumor launched by Christine Kelly.

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