Detects more than 5,400 F0 after screening test

Ho Chi Minh CityAfter a month of implementing the campaign to protect people in risk groups, the city recorded 5,437 F0 through rapid screening tests, accounting for 0.8%.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, after the medical stations assessed, 4,670 F0 were isolated at home, of which 4,471 people were eligible for immediate use of antiviral drugs. The remaining 767 F0 were transferred to medical facilities for care and treatment. The list of all F0 risk groups is transferred to the network of “Companion Physicians” for doctors to consult and periodically visit health, including taking care of underlying diseases.

Up to now, the city has made a list of nearly 640,000 F0 in the risk group, of which 25,642 people have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. Medical centers have urgently persuaded and immediately vaccinated people in at-risk groups, especially those who have difficulty walking, will be vaccinated at home. Currently, more than 18,000 people in the risk group have been persuaded and vaccinated. The districts are speeding up, trying by January 20, they will campaign for 100% injections for people in the risk group.

The Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City believes that preventing people in the risk group from contracting Covid-19, early detection of F0 for timely specific treatment with antiviral drugs and regular health monitoring has contributed to improving the situation. death from Covid-19 in the area. On January 8, the city recorded 18 deaths, the lowest in the past 6 months.

Mobile medical team in ward 11, Binh Thanh district taking care of F0 in the area, August 2021. Photo: Quynh Tran

Ho Chi Minh City implemented the first phase of the campaign to protect at-risk groups to reduce deaths from Covid-19 from December 7, in the context that F0 deaths are still high and most of the deaths are concentrated in the above group. 50 years old, with underlying medical conditions, unvaccinated, no previous antiretroviral therapy. With this plan, localities will make a list of families with people in the risk group, including over 65 years old, with underlying diseases, to carry out sampling and vaccination for those who have not been vaccinated or given insufficient doses.

The city will continue to implement the second phase of the campaign until the end of 2022. Accordingly, the population of people in the risk group will be expanded under the direction of the Ministry of Health, including people with underlying diseases, people over 50 age, pregnant women, and people over 18 years old who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. The city will conduct screening tests once a month for people in at-risk groups, and the first round of this year will be completed in January.

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