Detecting HIV from anal bleeding symptom

HanoiA young 18-year-old man who came to Hospital E to examine him after having sex with an anus bleed, and he was HIV positive.

Doctor Nguyen Dinh Lien, Department of Nephrology and Urology, said that the patient and his partner had three months of love, had anal sex but did not use any protection measures. On September 28, after having sex, there was an anal interstitial bleeding with burning pain, the young man went to Hospital E to examine. The patient is diagnosed with anal fissure by the doctor.

Dr Lien said that people who have sex with men have a high risk of getting HIV, counseling patients to take blood for HIV tests, the results are suspected to be positive. The patient was transferred to the National Hospital of Infectious Diseases for HIV infection.

HIV is the name of a virus that causes human immunodeficiency syndrome. HIV entering the human body will disrupt the immune system, creating opportunities for opportunistic infections and cancer to develop.

Initial symptoms of HIV are very common, sometimes just like the flu, or the person may not have symptoms for months or years. “This is extremely dangerous because it can unknowingly spread the disease to others without even knowing it,” said the doctor.

Studies show that 75% of HIV infections are through unsafe sex. Sexual intercourse among gay men always has the potential for HIV infection, in which anal sex brings the highest risk of HIV infection.

The doctor explained that the anal mucosa is thin, the rectal mucosa has many capillaries, easily damaged, easily bleeds, the anus also has no glands to lubricate so it is easily scratched. Through these wounds, the HIV virus will enter from infected person to healthy person.

In case of homosexual people having mouth sores, root bleeding or scratches, open wounds in the anus, the HIV virus can still enter the sexual partner’s body through sexual intercourse. oral (oral sex).

Dr Lien said that many homosexual people are afraid of revealing their sexual orientation and social stigma, so they do not dare to go to health facilities to test for HIV. Meanwhile, not knowing the status of infection will make the virus more infectious in the community, especially with people who have unprotected sex acts.

Currently, the number of people declaring the third gender tends to increase and rejuvenate. Doctors recommend early sex education for children to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. When having sex, use condoms or other protective measures. Be faithful to one partner and get regular check-ups for both best friends and partners. If you feel pain or strange phenomena in the anus, you should see a doctor immediately for advice.

Thuy Quynh