Despite fear of ‘winter’, the amount of Bitcoin retail investment is still a record high

The number of retail holders makes up the majority of the total number of Bitcoin holders. However, like other asset classes, the amount of Bitcoin owned by retail investors is only a small part of the total Bitcoin in circulation.

According to IntoTheBlock data, the number of Bitcoins held by retail investors currently reaches 780,000 BTC. This is considered a record high holding level of retail investors.

Retail Bitcoin investors are holders of Bitcoins (BTC) that range from 0.1-1 BTC. This number is equivalent to a capital of about $4,000 to $40,000.

Notably, within the past 30 days, the total amount of Bitcoin held by small investors has increased by 1.72%. Meanwhile, the number of Bitcoins of large investors who hold between 10,000 BTC – 100,000 BTC tends to decrease (1.74%).

Retail investors who hold between 0.1-1 BTC make up the bulk of the investors in the market.

The analytics firm also recorded a strong growth in addresses containing less than 1 Bitcoin in February 2022. This is a signal that, despite the Bitcoin price moving sideways around the $40,000 mark, small investors have started to return to the market.

According to IntoTheBlock data, the number of daily active Bitcoin users has also increased, along with the growth of short-term investors. This indicator has now touched 1 million users in the past few days.

The first week of March ended with a bad “candle” as Bitcoin price closed the weekly candle at $38,400.

Although the “weekly candle” is still green (the closing price is higher than the opening price), the gap between the closing price ($38,400) and the top price of the week ($45,400) is quite large. This showed that the resistance at $46,000 was quite strong, the bulls were trying to push the price up, but the sellers then turned around and pushed the price close to the open.

Despite fear of 'winter', the amount of Bitcoin retail investment is still a record high
The chart shows that the amount of Bitcoin held by retail investors (from 0.1-1 BTC) is at an all-time high. Metrics: IntoTheBlock

With the 2nd week of March, there is an unclear trend when there is hesitation and fierce competition between buyers and sellers. As of this afternoon (March 7), the Bitcoin price is currently recorded at $ 38,000.

In fact, the recent price drop has contributed to the liquidation of a large number of leveraged orders in the market. According to Coinglass data, 65,434 traders were affected by the liquidation as the BTC price dropped. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been liquidated in the past few days, half of which are tied to Bitcoin transactions.

Currently, the Fear & Greed Index is holding at 23 on a 100-point scale. This is an indicator that reflects the sentiment of the majority of investors in the cryptocurrency market. Accordingly, at this level, many investors are in the period of extreme fear. This fear has maintained for the past 1 week.

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