Deputy Prime Minister: ‘Speedly tracing and testing Tan Son Nhat staff’

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam on the afternoon of February 6 instructed Ho Chi Minh City to urgently localize the related person of Tan Son Nhat positive employee, to ensure the airport operates normally.

The Deputy Prime Minister called to remotely direct the meeting chaired by Deputy Health Minister Do Xuan Tuyen at the Pasteur Institute of Ho Chi Minh City on the afternoon of February 6. Mr. Dam appreciated Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong for their “very fast, very good” anti-epidemic operations and tracing.

“This is a special case at Tan Son Nhat airport, it is necessary to zoning off as quickly and as possible as possible to ensure the fight against epidemics and not affect airport operations,” said Dam. The advantage is that the airport has a surveillance camera system, which helps in a lot of the tracking process.

The Deputy Prime Minister directed Ho Chi Minh City to quickly review and isolate necessary cases, ensuring the airport’s normal operation. “Do not let Tan Son Nhat stop working, this affects very dangerous, can paralyze the whole country”, Mr. Dam said.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung, Director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Ho Chi Minh City, “patient 1979” is an employee who loads luggage, coordinates goods on the plane, does not contact passengers. “He also stopped working from February 2 to February 4, on February 5, he went to the airport to take samples and then went home, so he reduced the risk of infection in the airport”, Mr. Dung analyzed.

From January 30, HCDC took samples to screen all staff working at Tan Son Nhat international airport. By the afternoon of February 5, 5,900 test samples were collected out of the expected total number of samples of airport staff of 7,000. On the evening of February 5, the results recorded 5,899 negative samples and one suspected sample was this employee.

The representative of the Southern Airport Authority said that when suspected positive information, this place had actively coordinated with the health sector, held a meeting overnight, immediately traced and zoned contacts. On the evening of February 5, authorities identified 21 cases of close contact, sterilization of suspected contact areas. The aviation security company has extracted cameras for each employee’s activity from January 21 to now.

In response to the question “is Tan Son Nhat airport closed” by the Deputy Minister of Health, a representative of the Southern Airport Authority said that he did not intend to propose to close the airport because of the staff working at the location. contact with passengers, have stopped working in recent days.

“Since the beginning of the translation up to now, the number of visitors coming to Tan Son is the most, the highest in the country. Ho Chi Minh City has been very proactive in testing, so far there has been no error”, the representative of the airport Nam said.

Deputy Health Minister Do Xuan Tuyen said: “Van Don can close the airport, for Tan Son Nhat, this is not possible”. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City must fight against epidemics well, not to affect economic development.

The Deputy Minister appreciated the sampling activities to supervise all airport staff of Ho Chi Minh City from January 30 to now, suggesting to speed up the testing of more than 1,000 remaining employees.

Noon 6/2, Binh Duong Department of Health determined that this employee’s brother was Covid-19 positive (“patient 1980”). The two brothers living in the same house in Ehome 4 Apartment, Vinh Phu 41 Street, Hoa Long Quarter, Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province, belong to F1.

Since the beginning of the outbreak related to Hai Duong, Quang Ninh up to now, Ho Chi Minh City has only recorded one case as a “1660 patient” from Hai Duong to the city. Results of gene isolation showed that this patient infected with the nCoV variant from the UK, the strain capable of transmitting 70% higher than the previously known strain.

Thus, a total of 9 days from January 28 to February 6, the Ministry of Health recorded 398 cases of community infections, in 12 provinces including Hai Duong (290), Quang Ninh (47), Hanoi (23), Gia Lai (18), Binh Duong (6), Bac Ninh (2), Dien Bien (3), Hoa Binh (2), Ho Chi Minh City (2), Hai Phong, Bac Giang, Ha Giang with one shift each. In which the major outbreak in Quang Ninh is Van Don airport, infecting the airport staff.

Le Phuong