Depardieu, Trintignant, Céline Dion… Stars from every angle for Christmas

Intimate notebooks, crisp memories or actor biographies will delight lovers of cinema, humor and songs.

Jean-Louis Trintignant, dialogue between friends

Jean-Louis Trintignant, Dialogue between friends Martinière editions

“Being an actor is not ideal as a search for balance, one is happier being a gardener… but it is less well paid”. This is one of the confidences of Jean-Louis Trintignant that dot the beautiful illustrated book of Serge Korber, the friend of the actor and the journalist Jean-Yves Katelan. The unforgettable performer ofA man and a woman plunges into his memories – a rich career spanning 60 years of encounters – but his relatives including the women who loved him, Brigitte Bardot, Nadine Trintignant,… and his “Brother”, Jacques Perrin, also tell it. “I don’t find Jean-Louis’ films as bad as he says they are. I find them very interesting ”, believes Claude Lelouch. Two hundred highly documented and fascinating pages on a “Great man and a great artist” sums up the Italian actress Stefania Sandrelli aptly.

Jean-Louis Trintignant, Dialogue between friends, by Serge Korber and Jean-Yves Katelan, Éditions de La Martinière, 208 pages, 34.90 euros.

Céline Dion, Icon and Woman of Heart

Céline Dion, icon and woman of heart Larousse

Who could have predicted the fate of the little girl with the golden voice who became an international star? Writer and screenwriter, after examining the fates of Sainte-Thérèse d’Avila, Marie-Antoinette and “Sissi », Elisabeth Reynaud, who knows Celine Dion well, recounts her extraordinary journey: that of the little girl from Charlemagne (Quebec) carried away in a whirlwind of madness. She will also be at the cinema in February in Aline, the pleasant biopic of and with Valérie Lemercier.

The artist who hopes to grow old like “Good wine” confides with spontaneity and frankness. Without filter. As if she was talking to a faithful from the first hour. Céline Dion looks back on her childhood, her reconstruction after the death of René Angelil, her manager and the man of her life, as well as the love she has for her offspring, René-Charles, Eddy and Nelson. His fans will be in heaven!

Céline Dion, Icon and woman of heart, by Élisabeth Reynaud, Éditions Larousse, 208 pages, 24.95 euros.

Box Claude Chabrol, feminine suspense

Feminine suspense Carlotta / MK2

Hell, Nothing goes, Thank you for the chocolate, Ceremony and The Flower of Evil. Here are the restored Chabrolian nuggets which feature ambiguous and amoral women at will. Poisonous flowers, Isabelle Huppert, Nathalie Baye, Sandrine Bonnaire make her own in these stories where lies and concealment reign supreme. “Feminist by temperament, but also by reflection “, Claude Chabrol orchestrates magnificent duets such as Isabelle Huppert and Michel Serrault or Emmanuelle Béart and François Cluzet. Entomologist of the human soul, the director notably inspired the South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho to Parasites released in 2019.

Claude Chabrol box set, feminine suspense, 5 blu-Ray DISCtm and 5 DVD, Ed. Carlotta / MK2, 50.16 euros. You can complete this by reading the aptly named Tout Chabrol by Laurent Bourdon published by Lettmotif editions, 678 pages, 39 euros.

Extraordinary Depardieu

Depardieu out of the ordinary Larousse editions

Prefaced by Bertrand Tavernier, the beautiful book that Laurent Delmas devotes to his idol Gérard Depardieu will delight fans of the actor. The journalist and critic was able to highlight the roughness of the “character” as imposing and disturbing as delicate. Photographed from all angles, the interpreter of Valseuses is revealed through a range of diverse roles. Summary and extracts from film dialogues, decisive encounters, words from the unforgettable Cyrano de Bergerac and analysis of his career, Laurent Delmas has not forgotten anything. Its partners testify: “Gérard had in him a kind of madness, a brilliant inventiveness that he put at the service of his game and his physique”, observes a Marina Vlady filled with admiration. “Between us two, we have tenderness. Without this ambiguity that comes from sexuality ”, confided for her part Catherine Deneuve. A portrait that will go down in the annals.

Extraordinary Depardieu, by Laurent Delmas (Editions Larousse, 272 pages, € 29.95).

News tips

News tips Borée editions

We don’t know which page to look at as there is so much to discover in Jacques Mailhot’s impertinent new work. The co-director of the Théâtre des Deux Ânes is not slacking off. Give free rein to a murderous feather. Which scratches “Nanar”, Bernard Tapie as well as “Mamour”, Laetitia Hallyday and her adored rocker. A keen observer of a society that has not worked for a long time, Jacques Mailhot also pays tribute to “friends”, such as Raymond Devos, who quite rightly said: “As long as we laugh at things, they are no longer dangerous”. The chronicler of Paris first has a hard tooth, but not a bad one. The sharp drawings of his accomplice Frédéric Deligne bring a delectable flavor to this work which will cheer up the most sorrowful minds.

News, by Jacques Mailhot, 30 years of persiflantes chronicles illustrated by Frédéric Deligne, Éditions de Borée, 174 pages, 21.90 euros.

Tales of the Thousand and One Rohmer

Tales of the Thousand and One Rohmer Exiles

The director of Pauline at the beach, My night at Maud’s or Summer tale would have been 100 this year. The opportunity to penetrate somewhat the personality of a secret and independent man. Aficionados will refer to the delicious memories of producer Françoise Etchegaray.

Tales of the thousand and one Rohmer, by Françoise Etchegaray,
Exiles, 220 p., 22 euros.

Richard Burton, Diary

Richard Buurton, diary Séguier

Rich in millions, crazy about Liz Taylor, Richard Burton (1925-1984) wrote his “Diary”, finally published by Séguier. All his life, the actor, who was far from being an idiot, kept his diary. The volume translated into French focuses on the years 1965-1971. This is a revelation. Why did you wait all this time to publish this volcano in block letters? In the morning, hangover or not, Burton taps on his machine. In the next room, Liz is still sleeping. Over the pages, we discover a man who thinks only of literature. The first sentence, the 1er January 1965, sets the tone: “The day after drunkenness.” The mists of alcohol do not prevent the author from having a sharp eye.

Personal diary, by Richard Burton, translated from English by Alexis Vincent and Mirabelle Ordinair, Séguier, 590 p., 24.90 euros.


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