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Denmark-Norway imposed temporary ban on Estrogenica vaccine after news of blood clots and death

Denmark and Norway have temporarily banned the use of the Kovid-19 vaccine from Astragenica. The move has been taken after reports of blood clots and death of a man in Denmark. Authorities have informed about this on Thursday.

Danish authorities have not told how many reports of blood clots have been reported. However, Austria has prohibited the vaccination of the estrogenica vaccine while investigating the death and disease of one from fluid deposits.

The Danish Health Authority, Søren Brostrom, said in a statement – “Both we and the Danish Medicines Agency have to respond to reports of potentially serious effects, both with regard to Denmark and other European countries.” Health Minister Magnus Heunischke said – “It is difficult to draw conclusions about whether there is a link at present.” We are working on it soon and there is a need for extensive investigation. “

The use of the vaccine will be temporarily banned for 14 days. The health agency has not provided detailed details about the blood clotting victim in Denmark. Immediately after Denmark, Norway made the announcement on Thursday following the same step and has banned the vaccination for an indefinite time. Director of Infection Prevention and Control at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Geir Buchholm said during a news conference – “This is a precautionary decision. “

Estregenica said in a statement to news agency Rottors on Thursday that the safety of their vaccine had been intensively studied during human trials and peer-reviewed data confirmed that the vaccine is generally well tolerated. it was done.

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