Dengue fever broke out in the West

Many provinces in the Mekong Delta recorded a three-fold increase in the number of dengue fever cases in the same period last year, due to the early rain, heat and humidity that caused mosquitos to breed.

Dong Thap recorded 1,640 dengue fever cases, an increase of more than 300% over the same period, of which 47 were severe and one died. All 12 localities of the province have recorded cases, of which Hong Ngu district, Hong Ngu city, Cao Lanh city have the highest number of cases and account for nearly 50% of the province.

“We are strengthening the eradication of larvae, limiting the outbreak of the disease, but we cannot immediately reduce the number of cases, and it is likely to persist until the end of the rainy season,” said Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Doan Tan Buu while visiting two hot spots. epidemic in Hong Ngu district and Hong Ngu city on June 10. He said the cause of the outbreak was due to the early arrival of the rainy season and hot and humid weather, creating favorable conditions for mosquitoes to breed. Besides, after the Covid-19 epidemic, the cleaning, clearing and killing of mosquitoes to prevent dengue fever have not been paid enough attention by the people.

“One of the difficulties Dong Thap is facing is that the mosquito spray solution is about to run out, and special drugs for severe cases are scarce due to the slow procurement of procurement packages,” added Mr. Buu.

Representative of Dong Thap Provincial People’s Committee visited a dengue fever patient during a business trip on the morning of June 10. Image: Nguyen Khanh

Number of inpatients at Children’s Hospital Can Tho For hundreds of cases, the hospital had to put more beds in the corridor for patients to lie down. Doctor Mr. Huy Thanh, deputy director of Can Tho Children’s Hospital, said this year’s dengue epidemic is higher than every year, with more than 1,000 cases since the beginning of the year. In May alone, the hospital received 388 inpatients and outpatients, tripling last year, with no deaths recorded.

Doctor Thanh predicts that the number of new cases will increase in the near future, but the hospital is still capable of receiving and treating. “Dengue fever is breaking out in many Asian countries, especially Southeast Asian countries. The number of cases this year increases cyclically, there is a strong outbreak every 3-4 years,” said Dr. Thanh.

Taking care of her daughter with dengue fever at this hospital, Trinh Thi Vu Huong said she had not known such a dangerous disease before. When the child’s fever did not go away for a few days, she was taken to the district hospital for examination, her condition was severe, so she was transferred here.

In the next bed, Ms. Nguyen Thi Duyen said that her nearly one-year-old son stopped eating, had a fever, thought he had tonsillitis, but he could not take the medicine. She took her son to the hospital for a blood test to find out that he had dengue fever. Last year, her oldest child also had dengue fever, without symptoms, when she had a red rash on her body, she went to the doctor and had a blood test to find out.

Trinh Thi Vu Huong, 32 years old, raising her daughter with dengue fever at the Children's Hospital in Can Tho City.  Photo: Nguyen Anh

Trinh Thi Vu Huong, 32 years old, raising her daughter with dengue fever is being treated at Children’s Hospital in Can Tho City. Image: Nguyen Anh

In An GiangMr. Tran Quang Hien, Director of the Department of Health, said that this year, the epidemic cycle was forecasted to increase (every 4 years), so measures to prevent epidemics should be applied from March. “The peak of the epidemic will be in June. , capable of up to 1,000 cases per week. We have medical facilities, drugs, training in treatment regimens ready,” said Mr. Hien.

However, An Giang is currently the locality with the highest number of dengue cases in the West, more than 3,900, an increase of 365% over the same period, the number of severe cases accounted for 5-10%, with no deaths. The number of patients in the past week increased from 426 to 526 cases.

The head of the province’s health sector added that the pediatric treatment area would be overloaded, but “still within the industry’s preparation and control”. “First of all, it is necessary to communicate to people to prevent disease, especially the health sector to localize the outbreak to handle it early to prevent the outbreak from spreading,” Mr. Hien stated solutions.

In Soc TrangFrom the beginning of 2022 until now, the Department of Health recorded 325 cases, an increase of 116%, of which 25 were severe and two died.

Mr. Tran Van Dung, Deputy Director of Soc Trang Department of Health, advised people to be careful not to confuse dengue symptoms with Covid-19 symptoms. sick body. Dengue fever patients often have a high fever continuously, which is very different from fever caused by Covid-19 in that the fever will decrease by the third day, Mr. Dung said.

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