Deconfinement: end of the 100% telework obligation, but many agreements allow you to continue working at home

A woman teleworking in June 2020 (CLAIRE LEYS / RADIOFRANCE)

With the third phase of deconfinement, this Wednesday, June 9 is the end of the official obligation to telework 100% for those who could. Companies now have the obligation to negotiate the part of teleworking that they maintain. Negotiations have been going on for months and some sectors have already signed agreements.

At Renault, the agreement is open for signature by the unions until Thursday, June 10. It provides for employees whose position allows it to work up to three days a week at home. The employee even has the choice in the place of the exercise of teleworking, in France or abroad. At PSA, which has become Stellantis since its merger with Fiat-Chrysler, we tend to backtrack. After a shattering announcement a year ago which placed 18,000 employees 70% of the time in teleworking, the group reconsiders its comments. Teleworking will not be imposed but it can still be practiced one to three days a week.

We are also negotiating in the banking sector since a branch agreement will cover all the small establishments. Some of the larger ones have already concluded their teleworking agreement. This is the case with Société Générale where employees will telework two to three days a week. In the insurance world, we are in the same tone: the Maif allows employees who so wish to opt for one, two or three days of teleworking. Two-thirds of employees chose between two to three days a week.

These agreements reflect the general trend. A survey conducted by the firm Willis Towers Watson indicates that 82% of companies have signed an agreement on teleworking, whereas they were only 38% before the crisis. The world of work will now be hybrid and the two-day-a-week teleworking model is gaining ground everywhere.

Work at home is also a demand from employees, according to numerous surveys. The latest, carried out on a very large sample by the Ugict-CGT, the CGT of executives, shows that three quarters of employees currently teleworking want to continue remotely on this consensual pace of two days a week.

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