Decline in state aid: what will happen to companies in difficulty?



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There will be no massive cancellation of corporate debts: the Minister of the Economy has been clear on the subject. The government remains in support, however, and announces a device for companies weakened by the crisis. Journalist Sophie Lanson takes stock in 19/20, Tuesday, June 1.

Bruno Lemaire was extremely clear: a debt can be repaid! No massive reimbursement but on a case-by-case basis“, introduced the journalist Sophie Lanson, Tuesday, June 1. Very small companies with less than 20 employees will be supported: they will be able, in three months, to negotiate to reschedule their debts, without nevertheless erasing them, with their creditors, and this thanks to a simplified procedure.

To support medium-sized businesses, new loans will be granted, for a transition fund of up to three billion euros. This fund will be created by July. All these companies, whatever their size, will be able to rely on departmental crisis exit committees, on a single toll-free number to answer their questions: 0806 000 245. In total, up to 22,000 companies could be contacted. be threatened with bankruptcy by 2022.

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