Death on the Nile: In Jordan the slogan #Ban the Zionist film targets Israeli Gal Gadot

Kenneth Branagh’s film is the target of a campaign calling for censorship in the Hashemite Kingdom.

After Lebanon and Kuwait, will Jordan censor Death on the Nile by Kenneth Branagh, the latest adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel? In order to put pressure on the government of the Hashemite Kingdom, a campaign by anti-Zionist activists was launched on local social networks with an unambiguous slogan: #Ban the Zionist movie. The reason for this ban request? The presence of the poster of Gal Gadot, who embodies the rich heiress Linnet Doyle, the second role of the scenario after that of Hercule Poirot.

The hashtag ban the zionist movie sparked a real buzz in Jordan. The majority of retweets point to the military service performed by actress Gal Gadot between the ages of 18 and 20 (in Israel it is compulsory for all) then her stance against Hamas during the 2014 conflict in the Gaza Strip. Finally, the past of the actress, who was also Miss Israel, is also considered offensive in this predominantly Muslim country.

Gal Gadot, as a soldier served in an occupying army. It means she killed our people and violated our sanctity. Jordan will not capitulate to the Zionists and therefore Death on the Nile should be banned“Said the former director of Al-Jazeera, Yasser Abu Hilala.

So far, the Jordanian Ministry of Culture has not yielded to insistent pressure from anti-Zionist activists on social media. A little over two weeks ago the censorship commission dubbed the film on condition that a scene with a homosexual connotation be deleted.

In a statement, the director of this body, Abu al-Rajab, said in order to justify his authorization: “The commission did not detect any attack on Islam, the Arab cause or the Palestinian question in Death on the Nile. We do not take into account in our decrees neither the origin, nor the religion, nor the nationality, nor the political positions of the actors of a film. Gal Gadot has already acted in films screened in Jordan without this ever having led to any protest.»

Death on the Nile by Kenneth Branagh, in 2022, with Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot, Tom Bateman…


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