Death on the Nile: Hercule Poirot in all sauces

DECRYPTION – Before Kenneth Branagh who plays him in a new version of Agatha Christie’s legendary short story, Hercule Poirot has known many faces. But the character remains.

Who is Hercule Poirot really? With a laconic stroke of Agatha Christie’s pen, “mature man of short stature, with an egg-shaped head…, neatly waxed fang mustaches”, the cinema liked to extrapolate. English actor Kenneth Branagh is the latest in a prestigious line to lend his face and wear a hairpiece to play the famous Belgian detective. New to the affair, he bears under his bacchantes a large scar, the aftermath of a shrapnel received in the trenches. It is moreover with this bombing scene, quite anachronistic and surprising for anyone familiar with the work of Agatha Christie, that opens this new cinematographic adaptation of Death on the Nile. But what was Poirot going to do in the trenches?

For actor and director Kenneth Branagh and his screenwriter Michael Green, it’s all seen: the future detective saves his company by his spirit of deduction, collects the esteem of the army and, as a bonus, his famous mustache but loses his bride in…

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