Death of Mitchell Ryan, actor of Lethal Weapon and star of the small screen

The American, who died on March 4, distinguished himself in many supporting roles in television series such as Dark Shadows, Arabesque, Santa Barbara, Dallas Where The All Risks Agency.

Mitchell Ryan, the square-jawed actor who played a retired heroin-dealing general in the first installment of The lethal Weapon, left, Friday, March 4. The American actor died of heart failure at his home in Los Angeles, his stepdaughter Denise Freed told the HollywoodReporter . He was 88 years old.

Born on January 11, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mitchell Ryan has appeared in many popular television series. Perpetual supporting role, he began his career in 1966 in the Gothic series Dark Shadows, after serving in the Navy. He plays the ex-convict Burke Devlin. Alcoholic, the actor is quickly replaced: “I was so drunk that year. I barely remember what it was.” he told TV Guide ten years later.

His setbacks will not prevent him from landing a role in the film high plains man, in 1973, a western signed Clint Eastwood. The same year he becomes the protagonist of the series Chase and continues the performances on the small screen: Arabesque, A-Team, Santa Barbara, Dallas, For the Love of Risk, Walker Texas Ranger, Dharma and Greg (in which he plays one of his last roles from 1997 to 2002)… are on the list of his rich repertoire. Between two series of the small screen of which he will become a star, Ryan Mitchell unearths some roles on the big screen. After The lethal Weapon in 1987, we find him alongside Jim Carrey in the film Liar, liarin 1997.


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