Death of Marilyn: original plot of pop culture, on Arte

CRITICISM – An unpublished German documentary reopens the investigation sixty years after the mysterious disappearance of the Hollywood star. A film made with seriousness, to see this Thursday, May 5 at 11:05 p.m. on Arte and available on arte.tv

Sixty years after her death, she remains the most sulphurous Hollywood icon of the XXand century. Beautiful and rebellious Marilyn Monroe, as fragile as she was strong, crossed the star sky of California in the mid-1950s and 1960s, blinding all men with her sensual beauty. On the night of August 5, 1962, she suddenly disappeared at the age of 36. Even today, conspirators of all persuasions wonder how and why an actress at the peak of her career could have committed suicide by swallowing barbiturates until she overdosed? This mysterious death is at the center of the German documentary Death of an icon. The Marilyn Monroe Mysterybroadcast tonight on Arte.

wildest suspicions

The years 1962-1963 undoubtedly symbolize the birth certificate of pop culture. Between the arrival of the Beatles, the release of the first James Bond, the assassination of JFK in Dallas, and the dubious suicide of Marilyn Monroe, we find almost all the founding mythologies of a popular culture that will develop…

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