Death of Gérard Philippelli, the unbearable bewildered Charlots

The French actor, nicknamed Phil in the fantasy group that blackmailed France in the 70s with Thanks boss, died on March 30 at the age of 78.

With him, seriousness had to be abstained. He was the big Phil, the gangly dumbfounded Charlots. Gérard Philippelli died on March 30. He was only 78 years old and it was Gilles Botineau, a specialist in French-style nanars, who announced the sad news via his Twitter account.

The one who was nicknamed Phil because like Lucky Luke’s Phil Defer, he was tall and thin, made the whole of France laugh during the Pompidou-Giscard years with his crazy friends from the Charlots with the series of films The Bidasses, – in craziness, go to war, The Return of the Bidasses… -, and a repertoire of light songs worthy of the comic troops of yesteryear. It is enough to shell out and remember the titles of these pochades to laugh out loud: Thanks boss, The real Berbers tease, If you don’t want to pay taxes … hide your piano, Paulette the queen of paupiettes, aerobics

Phil, a P4 with small onions in The Bidasses go to war

Bullshit with a disarming naturalness

Gérard Filippelli was born on December 12, 1942 in Paris. This guitarist sees his destiny change when in 1966, he joins the band of Charlots. Before becoming a comic troupe at the cinema, the great Phil, with Gérard Rinaldi, Jean Sarrus, Jean-Guy Fechner and Richard Bonnot played American stars in the galas of stars of the time such as Claude François or Johnny Hallyday. History will remember that they even heated the room for the Rolling Stones in person.

In the cinema under the direction of masters of exceptional nanar like Philippe Clair, Jean Girault or Claude Zidi, the gangly Filippelli will inevitably turn into Phil, the great dreamer who commits stupidities and bullshit with a disarming naturalness.

With the disappearance of Gérard Fillippelli, it is, after Gérard Rinaldi in 2012 and Jacques Dautriche in 2013, the third Charlots who leaves for paradise. And, today, the sluts and those who loved them are sad.

Gilles Botineau’s tweet


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