Death of Gaspard Ulliel: what the first elements of the investigation reveal

Two days after the accident which cost the life of the 37-year-old actor, the public prosecutor announces that the other skier involved and two witnesses have been heard.

The circumstances of the skiing accident that cost the life of actor Gaspard Ulliel are emerging. Investigators from the CRS Alpes d’Albertville mobilized since the accident on Tuesday in the La Rosière area, conducted hearings. “The skier involved in the collision was heard, as well as two witnesses to the scene. According to these first testimonies and the observations made on the spot, the two skiers were moving side by side and collided., reported Anne Gaches, public prosecutor of Albertville, at the Dauphiné liberated . “At this time, it is difficult to say whether it was the impact or the fall that led to Mr. Ulliel’s death. This accident is very sad, but the circumstances are quite simple, there is no particular complexity., she points out.

If Mr. Ulliel had worn a helmet, would it have saved his life? I can’t say for sure

Anne Gaches, Public Prosecutor of Albertville at the “Dauphiné Liberated”

Of Lithuanian origin, the other skier involved Tuesday afternoon in the accident was equipped with a helmet at the time of the collision, unlike the late actor. “If Mr. Ulliel had worn a helmet, would it have saved his life? I absolutely cannot say that.”, explained the prosecutor, before specifying that no autopsy will be carried out on the body of the victim.

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The question of speed

According to the prosecution, no responsibility would be engaged towards the victim or the Lithuanian skier. Since Tuesday, testimonies relayed by various media reported a violent collision due to excessive speed. “In view of the first elements, no excessive speed, inappropriate behavior or fault by one of the two skiers was noted”, However, according to the investigators. The prosecution would therefore move towards a classification of the investigation in the days to come. “once all the elements have been put together”, according to The liberated Dauphiné.

Shocked, the skier who emerged unscathed from the accident was taken care of psychologically. A victim support association has been requested for the family and relatives of Gaspard Ulliel. Psychological support has been set up at the station level.

In a press release released on Wednesday, the prosecutor specified that Gaspard Ulliel was “collided with another skier […] when he had just branched off to the left, presumably to join his friends who were” on another piste in the Rosière ski area, located in the Haute Tarentaise massif. The accident occurred Tuesday around 4 p.m. at the intersection of two blue slopes, a sector deemed not very dangerous in the ski area. Victim of a heavy head trauma, Gaspard Ulliel was found unconscious in the snow by the CRS Alpes and the station doctor. Transported by helicopter to the Grenoble University Hospital, the actor died on Wednesday “shortly after 4 p.m.​according to the doctor in the hospital’s intensive care unit.


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