Death of Elsa Raven, actress of Back to the future and Titanic

She now belongs to the pantheon of the great supporting roles of the seventh art which, with a single moving and indispensable scene, have marked the memory of moviegoers. American Elsa Raven, actress in cult films Back to the future and Titanic, died at the age of 91 at her home in Los Angeles.

Born Elsa Rabinowitz, Elsa Raven was born on September 21, 1929 in Charleston, South Carolina. Passionate about comedy, she marked with her strong presence a string of popular series in the United States from the early 1960s such as Central hospital or Doctors of today. She would later also make notable appearances in Theatall risks agency and A cop in the mafia.

But that is of course his roles in Back to the future by Robert Zemeckis in 1985 ( Back to the Future) then in Titanic by James Cameron in 1997, which will have marked the minds of lovers of the seventh art. In the first, she plays a woman who is on a quest to save the town hall clock, a symbol of this temporality upset by the scenario. In the second, during the appalling sinking of the Titanic, she plays Ida Straus, this woman in love who only sees the moment of her death in her husband’s arms.

Film enthusiast, Elsa Raven, was a member of the Oscar jury. Every year, almost until her last breath, she watched every movie submitted to the Hollywood academy. It was her way of always looking to the future.

As a tribute to Elsa Raven’s career Le Figaro presents an excerpt from Back to the future and of Titanic.

Back to the future by Robert Zemeckis in 1985, with Michael J. Fox, Elsa Raven …

Titanic by James Cameron in 1997, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Elsa Raven …


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