Death of Ed Asner, figure of American comedy and voice of the grandpa of Up there

DISAPPEARANCE – The seven Emmy Awards actor died on August 29 at the age of 91. He rose to fame in the United States in the late 1970s for his role as a wacky journalist in the series. Mary tyler moore.

For Americans, Lou Grant, the droll and gruff journalist of the popular series will remain forever. The Mary Tyler Moore. Comedian Ed Asner died at his home, surrounded by loved ones, on August 29 at the age of 91.

His family immediately expressed their emotion on the social network Twitter: “Our beloved Patriarch left us in peace this morning. Words cannot express our sadness. We love you and we embrace you. Good night Daddy.”

Comedy at heart

Born in 1929, Edward Asner had to wait until the end of the 1970s to achieve great notoriety in the United States. And that’s his comedic job on the show Mary tyler moore, where he will show a formidable earthiness in the recurring role of Lou Grant, which will make Ed Asner one of the most beloved actors of the American public.

Asner, who had an astonishing perspective on himself and on his career, did not hesitate to describe his state of mind to a Canadian radio station before playing this series which will make him famous. “Until then I had never really dabbled in comedy. I knew I could make people laugh, but I couldn’t imagine how exactly to bring my humor to life in front of the camera ”, he confided then.

The rest of Ed Asner’s career looks like a fairy tale. In his personal capacity, he will receive three Emmy Awards and the screenplay for the Mary tyler moore will be crowned, three times in a row, best comedy series by the Emmy academy.

Ed Asner was also a committed actor during the 1980s. It was as president of the Screen Actors Guild, the union of Hollywood actors, that he criticized the policies of the Reagan administration in Central America.

Ed Asner’s career spanned the twentieth century but continued, happily, into the twenty-first. Cinephiles will remember that he appeared in Direct to the heart a movie starring Elvis Presley in 1962, and in 2009 he lent his voice to the grumpy grandpa from the Pixar animated film, Up there. He was already eighty years old and still had a smile on his face.

A tribute to the career of Ed Asner


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