Death of Barbara Shelley, the muse of Dracula

DISAPPEARANCE – The British actress left at the age of 88, following the Covid-19. She was the female face of the flagship films of Hammer, a British production company specializing in horror films.

The Gorgon, Dracula, prince of darkness, Rasputin, the mad monk, Space monsters, The Secret of the Bloody Island … Barbara Shelley has starred in the most famous British horror films, to the point of calling herself “the queen of the hammer», From the name of the production company specializing in films of the genre. She shared the headliners with her male partners Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee. She died of Covid-19 at the age of 88, according to information from her agent, relayed by the Hollywood Reporter .

Considering herself lucky to work with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, she considered the Hammer “like a family», Reports the Hollywood Reporter. Initiated in science fiction by her father, from childhood, Barbara Shelley had started as a model before becoming an actress.

Barbara Shelley recalled the contempt for “so-called classic actorsFor horror films in those early days. Yet it is one of his Hammer films that audiences remember. In 2009, in an interview for The Express, she was delighted to “Always receive mail from fans of his horror films”. “It touches me”, she shared in the English newspaper, then 77 years old.

La Hammer, for whom she starred in eight films, considered her to be her female star. Throughout her career, she has also appeared in more than a hundred films and TV series, including The Village of the Damned, series The Saint, with Roger Moore, or two episodes of Bowler hat and leather boots, in 1961 and 1967. His last appearance on the screen dates back to 1989, for the series Dark Angels, with Peter O’Toole.


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