Death of American actor Anthony Johnson at 55

The comedian, known for his role in comedy Friday with rapper Ice Cube in the 1990s, was found lifeless in Los Angeles. The circumstances of his death have not been determined.

Anthony Johnson, an actor who has accumulated supporting roles in more than fifty films and television series, died at the age of 55 years according to several American media. He was found lifeless in Los Angeles before being transported to the hospital which declared the death. Regarding the date of his death, a vagueness remains. Only the New York Times clarified that the comedian left on September 6.

The death was confirmed by his agent LyNea Bell, without providing further details on his circumstances. “Once again the world of comedy has been shaken. Our agency BH Talent is heartbroken over the loss of iconic stage and screen legend Mr. Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson », She declared to our colleagues from Variety .

The comedian’s career began in the 1990s, in the classic comedy by Reginald Hudlin House party, in which he played the character of Eze.

But his most memorable role will remain that of Ezal, a drug addict and thief who, in the film Friday, in 1995, with rapper Ice Cube. He will also star in Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal weapon 3.

On television, he has made appearances in numerous series, including House party, Martin Where Malcolm and Eddie.

Appetite for stand up and theater

Born February 1, 1966, he grew up in the inner city of Compton, California. “If you made it out of Compton you can do it anywhere»He declared in 2018, during an interview with VladTV. In another interview dated 2013 for a YouTube series called Conversations of an actor, the comedian revealed that his father, Eddie Smith, was a stuntman who worked with Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and many other stars, who inducted him into the movies. There he revealed his appetite for the stage, particularly stand-up and the theater.

As news of his death spread across several US media on Monday, many artists shared their grief and memories on social media. “Sad to wake up to the news of AJ Johnson’s passing. A naturally funny guy who came straight out of Compton at the same time, ”Ice Cube wrote on Twitter in particular.


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