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Dear old shelves

The children stored their comic books there. Down below, within easy reach and view. In turn, the grandchildren settled in front, sitting cross-legged, to choose, read and reread their favorite album of the moment. A little more than simple shelves, a little less than a real library, these shelves were familiar to us. But we have just separated from it. We had seen them a little too much!

They did not belong to those pieces of furniture that are said to be “family”, those that a collector would surely look down on but whose origins can nevertheless be told because they belonged to the great-grandparents or to some other of our elders.

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No, these wooden shelves were nothing special. They were ordinary of our generation – that is to say that they still seemed very old to our grandchildren and that our children would have pretended not to hear if they had been offered them. They were the age of our marriage and their antlers, bending gently under the load, testified to the weight of pounds and years.

Furniture of this kind, nobody accepts them anymore, not even second-hand goods dealers. Emmaüs aligns meters and meters without, most often, finding takers. So try Leboncoin, advise us friends who wouldn’t want it either.

Say, do you have an idea for a book?

We resolve to do so, as we get used to the idea that the offer may arouse the attention of scammers always on the lookout – those who seek to confuse you, you should not respond to them. A modest price generally protects you from these pranksters.

The announcement is online. A question or two from potential buyers does nothing at first. A few days pass when a new contact is reported. Good pick this time! It’s a couple who arrived from Paris, reconverted into market gardening and as we believe we only see in the newspapers and in the movies.

The sequel unfolds uneventfully. Our buyers even agree to move. With one detail: they think the trunk of their car is deep and wide enough, whereas a trailer, or even a van, would do better. Erected on the sidewalk, the library therefore resists, it refuses to slip into the allotted space. For a moment, we wonder if she will not stay on our hands.

But luck is on our side. Us: sellers and buyers, since our fate is now linked. Our dear and old shelves end up coming in, almost at the shoehorn. The car’s tailgate will remain ajar.

→ CHRONICLE. “The time when the grandchildren came to curl up against us”

The same evening, phone call from the children. Ah good, you sold them, we would have kept them… Too late!

We already forget about it when, the next day, our buyers send us a nice message to thank us and reassure us. Road without incident, exit from the shelves with forceps, installation of the piece of furniture near their fireplace. A photo accompanies these few words.

We’re happy: this library is doing pretty well. At their home !


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