“Dark” and politically incorrect humor for OSS 117 in a new excerpt

VIDEO – The third adventure of the Frenchy James Bond is expected at the cinema on April 14, 2021. To keep its fans waiting, the team of Nicolas Bedos’ film has just posted a second trailer with a Jean Dujardin in great shape.

Hubert Bonnisseur’s return to the cinema from La Bath is becoming more precise. And his humor is probably not going to make everyone laugh. The third part of the adventures of OSS 117, Red alert in black Africa, has just unveiled a new extract, this time putting the dialogue in the spotlight. After having the stunts belmondesques from the first teaser – released in October – Jean Dujardin reveals here some lines and antics of his cult character.

In the short extract, for example, we meet Armand Lesignac, played by Wladimir Yordannoff, who died on October 6, asking the secret agent if he is still the best. “I would answer you yes and it would be pretension, I would answer you no and it would be stupid! », Answers OSS, with his usual verve. Parachuted into Africa to reassure populations “who do not feel respected or treated as equals», The hero imagined by Jean Bruce will then continue, with his usual naivety and his grand-guignolesque inclination, racist and involuntarily derogatory remarks.

“” I’m counting on you Hubert! At the moment, they (Africans, editor’s note) see racism everywhere … “

This line has already caused many comments on Twitter. If some shout at her. Others note that the dialogues oscillate between denouncing the racism of an old era and criticizing current anti-racism, even evoking a salutary satire of our time and these paragons of virtue take little offense at the slightest deviations of languages.

Schoolboy humor and thirty-sixth degree are therefore present in this first film without Michel Hazanavicius. The latter had refused to participate in the project, estimating in private, according to Point , that the script written by his friend Jean-François Halin did not please him.

Nicolas Bedos has taken up the torch. And opened the casting to other actors like Pierre Niney who has not yet appeared in these extracts. But we are impatiently waiting to discover his character who should wear the holster of OSS 1001, the new star of the French secret services.


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