Dangerous trend on TikTok

The trend stems from good intentions but ultimately becomes a tool for perverted people to satisfy themselves.

With a distinctive red font, Silhouette Challenge is a popular trend on TikTok to help people feel comfortable and seductive with their body. However, contrary to its original purpose, some bad ingredients have turned it into a tool to satisfy desire.

According to the BuzzFeedThis trend uses red to create contrast, making the body look like a shadow. Participants will wear underwear, or fully nude to show off their charms.

However, there are videos on YouTube that show how to use software or apps to change the contrast and color in Silhouette Challenge videos to see hidden body parts.

New exchange on TikTok brother 1

A trend that stems from good intentions becomes a tool for perverted people to satisfy themselves. Photo: TikTok.

These tutorials are also shared on Twitter and Reddit. An account called r / SilhouetteUnfiltered specialized in editing and sharing Silhouette Challenge videos on Reddit was banned. At least 2 Twitter accounts that edited the Silhouette Challenge videos as required and humiliated the participants were also temporarily locked.

Internet users are warning each other about the above, recommending that the parts that are covered and not covered on the body for the challenge shoot can be seen. Editing may not be exactly like the original video, but it helps the bad guys satisfy the purpose of examining the participant’s body.

“Make sure you are aware of what you are wearing before making the final product edits,” said Kai Lee, TikTok account holder @lostvsnryshots said. Another user name @ brinabee786 I also use my own images as an example to warn people how easy it is to edit these videos.

New exchange on TikTok brother 2

A series of Silhouette Challenge video editing tutorials are posted on YouTube. Screenshots.

On platforms like Facebook, warnings and criticism posts are also positively posted. The post condemning Silhouette Challenge video editing received more than 2,000 shares, mainly about perverted men trying to re-edit Silhouette Challenge videos and share it across the Internet. When criticized, these people tend to blame the victim again.

In addition, users are asking YouTube to remove Silhouette Challenge video editing tutorials from the platform and urge to report these content.

According to the Zing / BuzzFeed


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