Danger after smoking e-cigarettes containing marijuana

HanoiAfter smoking an e-cigarette, the 20-year-old girl shivered, dropped blood pressure, fell into a coma, and was admitted to Bach Mai Hospital for emergency, with a critical prognosis.

The patient was transferred to the Poison Control Center, on the morning of July 26. The family said that they had never seen the girl use cigarettes or e-cigarettes, her health was not abnormal. After hanging out with friends, the patient smoked an e-cigarette and was admitted to the emergency room, the dose of which was unknown.

Doctor Nguyen Trung Nguyen, Director of the Center for Poison Control, said that the patient had severe multi-organ damage, heart failure, brain with diffuse damage, cerebral congestive heart failure, severe condition, critical prognosis.

Samples of e-cigarettes used by patients were sent for testing at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine and found that synthetic marijuana (ADB-BUTINACA) is a new generation drug. The doctor diagnosed the patient with synthetic marijuana poisoning and treated according to the intoxication regimen.

The patient is being monitored and cared for at Bach Mai Hospital. Image: Thuy Trang

Electronic cigarettes simulate the shape and function of regular cigarettes, do not produce smoke but create a vapor that tastes and feels like real cigarettes. The device is battery operated, composed of 4 internal mouthpieces containing liquid tank, heating element, battery, LED light.

E-cigarettes hit young people very strongly with their distinctive shapes, designs and scents. For example, pink and red e-cigarettes are shaped like makeup for women, while men are more personalized e-cigarette sets with bullet shapes. Even the manufacturer creates pen-shaped electronic cigarette sets to “cover the eyes” of parents; The taste is also diverse and attractive such as the smell of watermelon, apple, chocolate…

Many people consider e-cigarettes safe to smoke. However, most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. This substance can cause cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and cancer diseases. An overdose of nicotine can lead to poisoning.

E-cigarettes also contain glycerin, propylene glycol and more than 15,500 flavors. Propylene glycol is considered safe in food but not for inhalation, which can form propylene oxide, a carcinogen when heated and vaporized.

In addition, in the drug is an electron containing vitamin E – when burned will cause lung damage. Many types are mixed with drugs to increase the feeling of addiction, causing mental disorders, cardiovascular disease…

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