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On her personal page, Thuy Anh received the attention of thousands of people when she posted an article on the topic “I am completely non-infectious while taking care of F0 and how to help elderly people with underlying diseases quickly recover from Covid-19”. She said February was turbulent when her parents in Hanoi were infected with nCoV, respectively.

“When I received the news, I was very shocked and worried because my parents had many underlying diseases for a long time, including lung. Before that, I told them over and over again to be very careful, even suggesting to pick them up in Ho Chi Minh City to avoid them. translated, but my parents did not go,” wrote Dang Khoi’s wife.

After psychological shock, Thuy Anh decided to carry a suitcase and buy a ticket to rush back to the epidemic center. She accepts that she will be positive, but in return she will be able to take care of her parents. “I don’t regret the outcome,” she said.

Just returned from the airport, Thuy Anh had already put on gloves (because of dermatitis) and spent two hours spraying alcohol from outside the entrance to the house. She did not meet her parents immediately, but quarantined, who was in that person’s room. The inseparable things of the mother of two are a mask, foam glass, alcohol spray bottle… After going to the room, she took off her gloves, sprayed her hands again before removing her glasses and mask.

“I change my mask 4-5 times a day and I don’t regret it because it’s more expensive to get sick. Everyone remember to disinfect the windshield,” she said, emphasizing absolute isolation. “Initially my father was negative, my mother was positive, I separated each grandparent a room, and I was upstairs, using my own toilet. If I don’t have my own toilet, I have to regularly disinfect doorknobs and toilet flush buttons. , spray nozzle, hand washing faucet… I’m so careful that every time I go through my parents’ toilet, I have to spray it thoroughly.”

Thuy Anh carefully shielded herself when she returned to Hanoi to take care of her parents. Photo: NVCC

Thuy Anh does not cook at home to minimize the possibility of infection, instead asking her sister’s parents-in-law to ship the goods. The beauty only uses two large bowls to spin, heat food and discard disposable dishes.

“I left the tray of rice in front of my parents’ room door (before leaving a thorough disinfecting spray). After eating, my parents put it in a garbage bag, sprayed it with bacteria, and left it outside the room door. Then I safely threw the trash away. As for me, I order food online and eat in my room. On this occasion, I can enjoy more Hanoi dishes,” she wittily said.

Initially, when her father got a negative result, Thuy Anh still monitored and advised him to test every day. She explained that sometimes the symptoms are not clear, many elderly people often mistake old age diseases such as osteoarthritis pain… After three days, her father got a positive result, Thuy Anh asked a doctor to closely monitor her. and give him medicine right away.

How not to infect when taking care of Dang Khoi's wife's F0 - 1

Thuy Anh bought disposable chopsticks to prepare food for the whole family. Photo: NVCC

According to Thuy Anh, it is necessary to quickly detect Covid-19 symptoms of people who have underlying diseases, show any signs of nCoV, and immediately test quickly. The earlier it is detected, the more effective the treatment. When two faint lines or dark lines appear, take the medicine as directed by the doctor as quickly as possible. She said: “Many test cases show blurred lines, do not believe they have Covid-19, have to wait for PCR results to be treated. I think waiting for PCR is also fine (if you want to wait), but should have a plan right away. when the quick test has results – taking care of respiratory health is never superfluous”.

The beauty is of the opinion that with the elderly and many background diseases, the delay can be missed the golden time, the disease will progress rapidly. Sometimes because waiting for PCR results, the disease has worsened, leading to respiratory failure.

If possible, there should be a separate doctor to monitor health and report disease status. There are many groups of doctors who accompany and are willing to help patients, so people can ask them for advice. “My parents take antiviral drugs, depending on their condition, the doctor will prescribe more anticoagulants. Everyone should consult their doctor for appropriate indications. Especially elderly people with underlying medical conditions, do not arbitrarily take drugs. . My family always has a doctor who closely monitors the health of my parents”, shared Dang Khoi’s wife.

Thuy Anh suggests to practice breathing three times a day, measuring SPO2 three times a day. “This is very important. Sometimes the symptoms are mild, but the lungs have been damaged, the oxygen level drops suddenly, there are complications that take place and I can’t react – often in the middle of the night. Breathing exercises help the lungs not to be damaged. flat”, Thuy Anh explained.

Eating well is also very important. She makes her parents a glass of orange juice every day in the morning to increase resistance, drops salt water, gargles salt water 3-4 times a day. Note, do not wash your nose too much as it will dry the nasal mucosa and make it easier to hurt. In addition, my parents do nasal steam inhalation twice a day, 10-15 minutes each time. The simple way is to put the leaves into the small rice cooker available in the room. Each time, just turn on the power to boil and then turn off, cover with a blanket and inhale through the nose and throat.

“Regularly like that, my parents were negative after 5 days. Then they still have to monitor the oxygen index and isolate for another three days. Everyone should also pay attention because many people test negative but SP02 can still drop suddenly, still need extra care,” she said.

Every day, Dang Khoi’s wife listens, looks at the situation and after 8 days of taking care of her parents, she is completely negative. The journey home with her husband and children in Ho Chi Minh City was earlier than expected, she had prepared herself to be away from her children for 30 days.

Husband and wife Dang Khoi - Thuy Anh with two sons.

Husband and wife Dang Khoi – Thuy Anh with two sons. Photo: NVCC

“The above are some of my ‘real combat’ experiences when taking care of my parents. Information about what to take, how to treat… I don’t dare to judge, everyone please trust the doctor. Don’t tell ‘everyone gets F0’ and let their guard down. Covid-19 is more dangerous than we think, so try to avoid it as best as possible. And I decided not to let myself become F0 easily because there are many things to worry about. “, Thuy Anh added.

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