“Cyclik” bamboo bikes created by cyclist Félix Hébert

Félix Hébert has cycled in competition with the pros, on high-performance but not comfortable bikes. Hence the lower back pain. So he wanted to make his own bike. If the bamboo bike has existed for more than a hundred years, especially in England: it’s a revelation. He then launches.

“I was especially surprised by the stiffness of the bike, when I got on it.”

Felix Hebert

on franceinfo

“The dynamism of the bike is what you look for when you ride a racing bike, it’s a very dynamic bike and secondly, comfort”, explains Félix Hébert.

After his career as a high-level athlete, Félix went into consulting, in Lyon, but a small bike ran through his head: “From now on, I’m going to work on developing bamboo bikes, to make sure that we have to make a bamboo bike that will replace my carbon bike. And I thought to myself that if I can go down a pass at 80km/h with my bamboo bike, in this case, I will replace my carbon bike and it will be won!” claims Félix Hébert.

So he makes several copies. In all, it will take six years of research to launch a real business. It will therefore be Cyclik for muscle bikes, and Relief for electric bikes. The manufacturing workshop is in Lyon, the bikes are assembled in Villeurbanne. There are six employees today, ten by the end of the year, specifies the boss, who was helped to get there. The bamboo comes from the bamboo plantation of Anduze, in the Gard, or from Spain. For the rest, Félix wanted to stay as local as possible. Bamboo bikes, very light, have a price. We are frankly at the top of the range, at several thousand euros.

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