Cyber ​​attack targeting hospitals causes many patients to die

Cyberattacks by hackers targeting hospitals and medical facilities are not only aimed at stealing money or personal information as before, but also causing many deaths.

Cyber ​​attacks targeting the hospital system cause serious consequences, affecting the lives of patients (Artwork).

According to the results of a study and survey just published by the cybersecurity company Censinet (USA), nearly a quarter of hospitals and healthcare centers have been attacked by cyberattacks, mainly by malicious types. ransomware in the past 2 years, causing an increase in patient mortality and affecting the patient’s health care process.

The results of Censinet’s research show that cyberattacks by hackers not only cause financial damage, personal data or services… but also affect human health and life. .

“Cyberattacks have enough impact on patient care. We shouldn’t be afraid to look at this data, we should step up the issue,” commented Ed Gaudet, CEO and founder of Censinet. essay. “If ransomware is becoming a patient safety issue, we need to find a way to address it.”

The survey was conducted from nearly 600 healthcare organizations across the United States, from regional health systems to medical device manufacturers.

Cyberattacks and ransomware have encrypted data and shut down computer systems at medical institutions, forcing them to pay to unlock the data. This has seriously affected the medical examination, treatment and patient care activities of these facilities. About 70% of the organizations that participated in the survey said that their computer system was hacked, causing patients to stay longer in the hospital and delay testing or procedures that required the use of computer systems. .

In addition, 36% of the health organizations that participated in the survey said that cyberattacks caused more complications from medical procedures, and 22% of medical organizations said that the number of deaths has increased. increased due to cyber attacks.

More than half of the healthcare organizations that took part in the survey said they were not able to handle cyberattacks and ransomware.

According to technology page The Verge, healthcare professionals are often reluctant to mention that cyberattacks and ransomware have the potential to harm patients. Hospitals are often reluctant to share a lot of information about being attacked by hackers because it can damage their reputation, so it is difficult to determine the relationship between cyberattacks and health. patient’s health.

Security researchers say that the number of cyberattacks targeting healthcare facilities has increased over the past year, causing serious problems, especially in the context of the complicated development of the epidemic. . For example, according to a recent analysis by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), hospitals in the state of Vermont have been affected by ransomware since the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. outbreaks, have a higher number of deaths than hospitals that do not have to deal with cyberattacks.

Security experts have repeatedly warned that hospitals and healthcare centers can become targets for hackers and malicious code, but so far these locations have not been available. complete preparation. Many medical examination and treatment devices require an Internet connection to use and if attacked by malicious code, these devices cannot work and will seriously affect the treatment process for patients.

Even if cyberattacks are not aimed at the hospital’s medical equipment and machinery, but with the aim of stealing patient data, this can also affect the patient’s treatment outcome. core.

According to Dantri/The Verge,RT

Cyberattacks on Vietnam decrease, but the level is increasingly sophisticated

Cyberattacks on Vietnam decrease, but the level is increasingly sophisticated

According to the leader of the Information Security Department (Ministry of Information and Communications), the number of cyber attacks on Vietnam has decreased in the first half of 2021, but the level of sophistication and damage is much greater.


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