Cuban accuses Maradona and her entourage of abuse when she was underage

Mavys Alvarez breaks the silence: this 37-year-old Cuban, who, when she was a minor, had an affair with Diego Maradona twenty years ago, accuses the Argentine idol and her entourage of violence and alleged abuses, including forcible confinement.

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The sequel after the advertisement

Mavys Alvarez Rego, mother of two children aged 15 and 4, who now lives in Miami (United States) told the press in Buenos Aires how she met Maradona at 16, when the star, then in his forties , lived in Cuba, where he was undergoing drug treatment.

“I was dazzled, he conquered me […]. But after two months everything started to change ”, she said, claiming that Maradona had pressured her into using cocaine, which in turn made her dependent. “I loved him but I hated him too, I even thought about suicide”, she said.

A complaint filed

She notably claimed to have been held against her will – during a trip to Buenos Aires with Maradona in 2001 for a series of tributes – for weeks in a hotel by relatives of Maradona, banned from going out alone, and forced to a breast augmentation operation.

She also claimed that Maradona, with whom the relationship lasted “Between four and five years”, the “Raped” on one occasion at their home in Havana. And she mentioned several episodes of physical violence.

The sequel after the advertisement

“Maradona received love in too large a quantity or not in the right way”

Mavys Alvarez testified this week in Buenos Aires to an Argentine prosecutor, seized of a complaint filed by an Argentine NGO, Foundation for Peace, after the Cuban’s confessions in American media in recent weeks. A complaint for “trafficking in human beings, deprivation of liberty, reduction in servitude, assault and battery”.

“I did what I had to do”

Mavys Alvarez explained not to speak, after so many years, because Maradona died (exactly one year ago), and to restore truths, compared to untruths heard in a TV series on Maradona. She hinted that she did not intend to initiate further proceedings.

“Diego Maradona”, descent into hell

“I did what I had to do, I leave the rest to justice. I achieved my goal: to say what happened to me, to prevent it from happening to others, or at least that other girls feel the strength, the courage to speak ”, did she say.

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Five people close to Maradona’s entourage in question denied, via their lawyers, any involvement in the facts described, one of them filing a complaint against the NGO for slanderous denunciation.

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