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CSTO’s message to Taliban, if the situation worsens on the borders, all countries will give military response together

Afghanistan Crisis: The arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan has changed many equations in South and Central Asia. In the midst of these changed equations, a large gathering of Afghanistan’s neighbors is taking place in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. The current situation in Afghanistan and security concerns will be an important issue in the meeting of the heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on September 17.

In this meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi will participate in a virtual way. PM Modi will attend the session of the meeting to be held on September 17. However, Indian External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar will be present in Dushanbe as his representative. On the margins of the SCO summit, the Indian Foreign Minister will meet leaders of many countries, including Iran, who, like India, have concerns about the current situation. Jaishankar is leaving for Dushanbe on the morning of 16 September for these talks.

In the meeting, representatives of Pakistan and China will also be present. But till now the Indian Ministry of External Affairs admits that there is no program to meet him. For this meeting, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is also reaching Tajikistan with full Lashkar. Not only this, Imran will also stay in Tajikistan for a state visit after the meeting.

escape pressure
Actually, Imran Khan Khan will try to make arrangements for the age of Talibani Nizam who came to Afghanistan. Tajikistan is most concerned about the Taliban rule. Because there is a very large population of people of Tajik origin in Afghanistan. The pressure of migration will also be more on Tajikistan if Afghanistan does not get a share in power and this population is troubled by Taliban excesses. On the other hand, if Tajikistan expresses support to the NRF with fighters of Tajik origin in the area of ​​Panjshir, it will only increase the challenges of the Taliban.

Not only this, there has also been a change in Russia’s attitude towards the Taliban. In view of the security threats, Russian President Vladimir Putin has called an important meeting of the Security Alliance of Russia and other Central Asian countries in Dushanbe on 16 September before the SCO summit. The CSTO foreign ministers meeting on September 15 said that if the situation on the southern border of Tajikistan worsens due to the situation in Afghanistan, then now the countries will come together for military help. At the same time, all armed groups in Afghanistan have been asked to stop mutual conflict. So that it does not affect the neighboring countries.

worry about worsening
Significantly, in view of the current attitudes of the Taliban, many neighboring countries of Afghanistan including Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan are worried about worsening of the situation on their borders. This is the reason that the tone of Russia has also changed in the last two weeks regarding the Taliban. Russia, which has hosted Afghan peace talks with the Taliban in Moscow, has openly expressed its concerns. In the last two BRICS summits, where the concerns of the Russian President came to the fore. At the same time, Russia’s National Security Advisor Nikolai Patrushev also shared with India during his visit to Delhi.

The meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Dushanbe was the first test of international recognition for the Talibani Nizam, which has so far failed. Despite the recognition of Afghanistan as an observer country in the SCO, its representatives will not be seen in this meeting. Even after a week has passed since the announcement of the Taliban government, no country has yet officially recognized it. At the same time, his Nizam has not been able to get the seat of Afghanistan in the United Nations.

In such a situation, the eyes will be on what message the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with membership of India, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Pakistan gives to the Taliban of Afghanistan. In this meeting, a decision is expected to include Iran as a SCO member country. Iran’s new President Ibrahim Raisi is reaching Dushanbe for this meeting.

Russian President Putin’s visit to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting was postponed due to Corona-related precaution. However, Putin will attend this meeting online. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping will also attend the SCO summit online.

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