Cryptocurrencies: at 27, the co-founder of Ethereum is now a billionaire

A new entrant in the very closed club of crypto-billionaires. At 27 years old and dusty, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum network and of the specialized publication “Bitcoin Magazine”, benefits at full speed from the speculative madness linked to these new currencies. CNN Business did the math: with 333,500 Ethers displayed in its public wallet, and a crypto price hovering around $ 3,500, the young Russian-Canadian programmer’s fortune is now estimated at $ 1.1 billion.

It was at the age of 19 that Vitalik Buterin conceived the Ethereum protocol, the basis of the most famous of virtual currencies – after bitcoin. Ether (the currency from this network) saw its price quadruple in 2021 – at the same time, Bitcoin gained “only” 90%. But the latter remains the first virtual currency in terms of trading volume today. And it shares with Ether two-thirds of the entire global crypto-asset market, valued at $ 2.3 trillion.

The growing interest around Ethereum is partly due to the fact that it is the reference protocol in transactions in NFT (non-fungible tokens), these non-fungible tokens at the origin of another speculation at the rise, around digital works of art.

Little present on social networks

Born in the Moscow region in 1994, Vitalik Buterin emigrated at age six to Toronto, Canada, with his parents. It was they who gave him his first computer at the end of the 2000s. Unlike other children of his age, the young prodigy abandoned video games and preferred to have fun with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Very early on for his ease in mathematics, he won the bronze medal at the International Computer Science Olympiad in 2012.

Founder of “Bitcoin Magazine” which is dedicated to cryptocurrencies, he was also selected to be part of the Thiel Fellowship in 2014, a two-year program created by billionaire Peter Thiel which “gives $ 100,000 to young people who want to build new things, instead of sitting on the school benches ”. In 2016, the magazine “Fortune” included him in its list of the 40 most influential personalities under 40 in the business world. Difficult to know much more about this very discreet developer. Despite being followed by more than 1.4 million people on Twitter, he is not very affable on social media.

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