Crossing Paris, Madame de…, classic Gaumont revives the magic of black and white

A new streaming platform from the French film institution offers, for only five euros per month, a first catalog of some two hundred masterpieces of the seventh art.

Louis Malle, Sacha Guitry, Claude Chabrol, Georges Lautner, Federico Fellini, Jacques Becker, Georges Lautner, Volker Schlöndorff… Since the first sunny days of May, on the 10th exactly, the historic Gaumont company has just launched Gaumont Classique a streaming platform on which the most advanced cinephiles will be able to re-watch the black and white films which at the XXand century have written the beautiful history of the seventh art.

This exceptional offer of some two hundred masterpieces will only cost subscribers five euros per month. This catalog which will be enriched regularly will not only present jewels such as Lady of… by Max Ophüls, The Crossing of Paris by Claude Autant-Lara, Devil’s Hand by Maurice Tourneur, The Cursed by Rene Clement, eight and a half by Federico Fellini The Tontons gunslingers by Georges Lautner… but also a windfall of some 70 hours of documentaries, archive images and interviews with the greatest directors and actors in world cinema. And for the platform’s goldsmith programmers, it’s only the beginning since they have promised that, each month, new nuggets will come to give even more luster to this fantastic collection.

Film buffs will be able to navigate with ease in this cave of Ali Baba which dates back to 1913, that is to say before the advent of talkies. The films will be classified by genre, by era in order to be able to organize real thematic viewing at home.
It will also be possible to use up to five screens per account, and to stream, for example, on PC, Mac or via iOS and Android mobile applications, compatible with Chromecast and AirPlay.

And on Tuesday May 17, the first day of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Gaumont Classique will launch on its platform an anthology of works necessary for the love and knowledge of great cinema: three collections dedicated to Jacques Becker, Alain Resnais and Henri Verneuil . An entry into cinephilia not to be missed.


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