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Covid Vaccine: Brazil sends aircraft to India to fetch 20 million doses of Kovid vaccine

The vaccination campaign to deal with Kovid-19 in India starts on January 16. Vaccination work will start in several phases in the country. At the same time, vaccination will be started simultaneously in different states of the country. In the midst of all this, India is also exporting the indigenous Corona vaccine to other countries. On Wednesday, a plane from Brazil has left for India. This plane will buy two million i.e. 20 lakh doses of Kovid vaccine made in India and take it to their country.

Brazilian aircraft will return with vaccine on 16 January

Please tell that the Health Minister of Brazil has also confirmed that the Kovid vaccine has been ordered from India. Significantly, the Kovid vaccine being exported from India has been made by Estrogenica in collaboration with Oxford University. At the same time, according to the Brazilian Health Minister Edwardo Pazuelo, all the paperwork to get the vaccine has been completed. He said that his plane will return to Brazil on January 16 with the vaccine. After this, the health regulator will give approval for its emergency use.

Pressure on government due to slow corona vaccine in Brazil

Significantly, the Brazilian government is under pressure amid the slow pace of the Corona vaccine rollout. At the same time, vaccination has not yet started in the largest country of Latin America and the regulator has not yet approved any vaccine for use. The Brazilian regulator has held a meeting on Sunday to decide on the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford, as well as the emergency use of the vaccine developed by China’s Synovac Biotech.

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