Covid: the filming of Matrix ends with an evening for 200 people despite health rules

The matrix is ​​in turmoil. On Wednesday November 11, a party was organized by producers Lilly and Lana Wachowski in Germany to mark the end of the shooting of Matrix 4, with actor Keanu Reeves. According to the German daily Bild, around 200 people would have been invited while health restrictions in Berlin and in the Land of Brandenburg, where the evening took place, limit this kind of event to 50 people. But to get around the ban, according to the sources of the German newspaper, the guests were encouraged to present themselves as extras.

Dubbed Icecream Teamevent, the party started at 6 p.m. and continued late into the night. On the program: a DJ animating the dance floor, acrobats, smoke bombs, pyrotechnic effects and a decor of Bedouin tents and hippie caravans in which everyone could get a tattoo. All accompanied by petits fours and alcohol according to the German press. On the images broadcast by Bild, guests do not wear costumes or masks, and none abide by social distancing rules.

“Nobody was filming”

Bianca Markarewicz, spokesperson for Studio Babelsberg, tried to extinguish the controversy by hammering out a message: the film crew was shooting a “celebration scene. Hygiene rules were respected. The production team consciously planned this shoot with many participants», She assures.

This is not the version reported by Bild which is based on the testimony of a guest. “The atmosphere was exuberant, she explains. Everyone had to take a PCR test in advance. Everyone also had to come with a mask, but a lot of people did not wear it at party time.“As for the shoot,”no staging instructions were given», She explains. “There was no clap and no one was filming.

The spokesperson for the city of Potsdam, responsible for authorizing parties organized in its territory, declared that “no event had been announced. The only ongoing discussions between the health authority and the studios were on the topic of protection against infections during filming.», He explains. German health authorities plan to speak with the Babelsberg studio to clarify the matter. Interrupted in March due to the coronavirus epidemic, the filming of Matrix 4 had resumed in Berlin in August. Its release is scheduled for December 2021.


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