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Covid at school: towards a return of the mask?

The school is not done with the Covid. Arrested on Thursday March 24, the latest figures communicated by the ministry, this Friday, show a very marked increase in the number of positive cases. Among students, the weekly accumulation is 81,000, with a jump of 11,000 in the space of a day. Same trend on the personal side, where there are 10,000 cases (+ 1,800 in twenty-four hours).

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This resurgence of the epidemic has led to the complete closure of 12 schools (out of 48,000) but also, since January, to that of more than 3,000 classes, due to confirmed cases among students or absences of teachers linked to Covid. .

Students encouraged to put on the mask

“We again have students declared positive, as well as a teachertestifies Virginie Bécourt, at the head of a Catholic primary school in Hauts-de-Seine and also president of Synadec, an organization of school heads. This led me to reintroduce the mask in six of my fourteen classes, in any case to encourage the students to wear it, as recommended by the protocol in force. Only a few families refuse to allow their child to wear it again. »

According to the rules applicable since the return from the winter holidays, the mask remains ” strongly recommended “ for contact persons at risk during the seven days after the occurrence of the confirmed case, as well as for confirmed cases during the seven days following their
isolation period.

It’s hard to say if we went a little fast in authorizing students and staff to remove the mask a few weeks ago. “I am not able to judge, from a medical point of viewslips Virginie Bécourt. One thing is certain: this breathing seemed welcome to us. Seeing the face of the mistress, looking at the lips when learning to read or practicing pronunciation in a foreign language is not insignificant. »

“We didn’t believe it completely”

“We knew when we took off the mask when we returned from vacation that we might quickly have to put it back on. We didn’t fully believe it.”observes, resigned, Alexis Torchet, national secretary of the Sgen-CFDT. “When this is the case, it is obviously the return of a constraint. But not enough to cause scenes of desolation ”he nuances.

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The Covid statistics at school coincide with a sharp rise in the number of contaminations in the general population. According to the latest statistics from Public Health France, delivered on Friday March 25, the incidence rate is now 937 per 100,000, an increase of 36% in one week. Nevertheless, there is a decrease in the number of deaths (630 in one week, or -22%) and critical care admissions (548, -13%).


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