Covid-19: will you be able to benefit from partial unemployment to look after your children during the closure of schools?

At the end of a meeting at the Ministry of Labor, employers were invited to agree to postpone the holidays of their employees. If this is not possible, they may be in partial activity under certain conditions.

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Good news for parents. Employers are invited to facilitate the taking of leave for their employees on the new school holiday dates, from April 10 to 26, when they had already planned their holidays at later dates, the Ministry of Labor announced on Thursday April 1, whereas the period of consideration is usually one month to take leave.

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This means that parents in zone B (initially on vacation from April 24 to May 10) will be able to ask to advance their leave by 15 days. Those in zone C (initially on vacation from April 17 to May 3) will be able to ask if they were scheduled from April 25 to May 3. Parents in zone A (April 10 to 26) will take their leave as planned.

Many conditions to benefit from it

In certain cases, the possibility for the employer to impose on the employee the taking of days off or RTT, provided for by the ordinance of December 16, 2020, could also be used. In addition, to facilitate childcare arrangements, travel between regions will be authorized to bring or pick up a child or several children from a loved one. If the employee cannot postpone his leave, does not have childcare and is unable to telework, then he may be placed in partial employment.

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