Covid-19: why many employees have chosen to keep the mask at work

Even if it is no longer an obligation for almost a month, it is still the daily life in many companies for various reasons.

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The mask is no longer mandatory since March 14 in companies, yet it is far from having disappeared. According to an Opinionway poll conducted at the end of March and unveiled on April 8 for SD Worx, a human resources and payroll specialist, nearly one in two employees, 45% exactly, continues to wear it at work.

Those over 50 are the most attached to this protection, with 51% of them preferring to keep the mask on at work, while the youngest are only 42% wearing it. The employees are attached to it because they consider that the company is a high place of contamination. This is the opinion of 68% of those questioned. For them, it is at work that one is most at risk of catching the virus. To the point that they have no illusions: for a very large majority of employees, 78% exactly, wearing a mask in the workplace will soon be the rule again.

An employer can impose the wearing of a mask when it is no longer compulsory according to the government provided that this employer considers that there is a specific risk due to the activity of the company. The government protocol which lifts the obligation to wear a mask provides for this hypothesis. The employer is indeed responsible for the health and safety of his employees. In this case, the employee must comply with the health and safety instructions set by the employer, which must be included in the internal regulations, under penalty of disciplinary sanctions, also provided for in the internal regulations. Conversely, an employee who decides to keep the mask on if his employer prefers that he removes it does not risk any sanction.

According to this survey, 27% of employees also indicate that their employer has asked them to continue to wear the mask since the lifting of the obligation. This figure rises to 37% in the public sector. In any case, a clear position on the part of the employer seems preferable: more than one employee in four, 26% exactly according to this study, believes that stopping the wearing of the compulsory mask has created tensions between the teams. Moreover, the majority, 61% think that the mask has never really been worn correctly in business.

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